Intern Spotlight: Mason Ridgely

Intern Spotlight: Mason Ridgely

AMT welcomed back Mason Ridgely this week. Mason began interning for AM Transport Services in January of 2020. We were sorry to see him go (but happy for him) in August when he left town to pursue his college degree at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Il. But he’s home for the summer, and we’re excited to have him back on the team.


What do you do at AM Transport?

When I started last year, I was part of a sales development team, as an SDR. I made outbound calls and tried to stir up new business opportunities for AMT. Now I’m in a supportive role for one of the operational teams. I’m sure it’ll be challenging and fun at the same time.


What’s your favorite thing about working at AM Transport?

My favorite thing is the cast and crew of characters that work here. While my classmate Donnie isn’t joining us again for this summer, I’m sure I’ll still be part of the same amount of antics per usual.


What are you studying in college?

I started off this past year of college majoring in Business Management with a focus in Human Resources. I changed last semester to Marketing with a focus on digital marketing. Dallas and David have a plethora of experiences in marketing I’m sure I can learn from.



Color: olive green

Sports team: I don’t have a favorite, more or less some favorite players. I watch a lot of basketball players such as Collin Sexton, Tyler Herro, and Ja Morant.

Television show: The Blacklist

Music: I enjoy 90s alternative rock and modern Rap/Hip-Hop

Podcast: I listen to random science-focused Spotify podcasts. I like the ones that pertain to space more than anything.

Food: Cheeseburgers with lots and lots of toppings.

Vacation spot: I went to Paris in July of 2018. It was the time of my life, and I desperately want to return someday.


Tell us about your family.

I have one younger brother and lots of cousins. For the most part, my family is spread all over, and visits are few and far between.


If someone gave you an elephant, what would you do with it?

Make it a war elephant and reconquer the western Roman Empire.


Tea or coffee?

Coffee until 3pm and then tea.


If you could pick an actor to play you in the story of your life, who would you choose?

Chris Pratt. I feel as if we have similar personalities and are equally goofy.


What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Shoot first, ask questions later.