Top Ten Reasons Carriers Like Working with AMT

Top 10 Reasons Carriers Love Working with AM Transport Services

What makes AMT different from other freight brokers?

When people ask us what makes us different from other brokers, we can answer in many different ways. First of all, we have the best logistics team in the business. Our career professionals have an average tenure of seven years, and we’ve been in the brokerage business for over 30 years. But that’s not all of it because we’re also forward thinking. We not only have state-of-the-art technology, but we know how to use it (believe me, this is often unusual). And finally, we’re customer-centric. We go out of our way to make sure our customers (and carriers) are successful. From staying after hours to book hot loads to helping drivers rework pallets, we’re in it with you 100%

And still, if we had to pick one answer to the question, “What makes AMT different?” it would have to be our ability to put smaller, service-oriented fleets on dedicated lanes and routes for our customers. And do you know why we can do this day in and day out?


Because carriers really like working with AMT. 

We’ve been working with some of our carrier friends the entire time we’ve been in the logistics industry and that’s because relationships are at the heart of how we do business here at AM Transport. Customers who want regular, consistent, and reliable truck capacity work with AM Transport because we provide access to carriers with high safety ratings, low driver turnover, and long business histories, but why do they like working with AMT?


Top 10 Reasons Carriers Like You Want to Work with AMT


10.  We want to work with you on more than one load. The most satisfying aspect of our job is building long-term relationships.


9. We tell the truth. No need to elaborate on this one. If you’re in logistics you know that honesty isn’t always a broker’s number one priority. But here at AM Transport, you can count on honesty and transparency.


8. We pay fast. Just check out our Google and DAT ratings if you want to know more about that. (And we offer Quick Pay too.)


7. We are easy to reach. Even when we’re not here, we answer the phone, so you’re never left without support.


6. Furthermore, we don’t believe in answering machines or phone trees, so you’ll never get a phone service or have to punch your way through a phone tree to reach a real person.


5. When issues arise, we find solutions quickly. (And we’re honest, so we’ll let you know when there’s an issue.)


4. We’re not going to call you every 15 minutes like lots of brokers you work with.


3. We’ll let you know of any special requirements before we book the load.


2. In our book, carriers are customers too. We treat you like a customer.


1. Respect. We could have listed this one first because it encompasses the other nine reasons carriers love working with AM Transport Services. We treat you with the respect you deserve.


If you haven’t had the opportunity to work with AM Transport Services, YET. Give us a call today.