Your freight broker can help

Top Six Reasons You Should Work with a Freight Broker

Are you handling your logistics in-house?

Or perhaps you are allowing your customers or vendors to route your freight? If so, now’s the right time to think about working with a freight broker because you’re probably looking for a little relief. Rates are high, and most logistics experts predict rates to stay high for a while. 

FTR, an industry leader in transportation intelligence, reported that March was “perhaps the strongest freight market ever.” FTR’s vice president of trucking, Avery Vise, explained that while “robust demand and tight capacity no doubt are big operational headaches for many trucking operations,” they support excellent market conditions for carriers. 

Trucks currently move about 70% of domestic freight in the US, and the American Trucking Associations predicts that over the next “five to ten years, the trucking industry will have to hire more than a million people just to meet current demand.” When you couple those statistics with the advancements in technology and the constantly changing regulations, you’ll find that working with a freight broker is the best way to keep your supply chain running smoothly.


Six Reasons Logistics Managers Like You Work with Freight Brokers


  • You want your freight picked up and delivered on time without damages.



  • The uptick in service failures are costing you time, money, and customer respect and loyalty.



  • Sourcing carriers yourself exposes you to excessive liabilities.



If you’re ready to work with a freight broker, AMT can help.


  • We put excellent, service-oriented carriers on dedicated routes and lanes for you. We have long-term relationships with these trucking companies with low driver-turnover and long business histories.


  • You receive the full power of our advanced transportation technology. We not only track your loads so you don’t have to worry, we also provide you with our online portal–your one-stop-shop for shipping information from invoices and BOLS to customized reports and instant messaging.


  • We don’t skimp on communication. We do not have voicemail, so when you call us, you reach a real, live logistics professional every time. You don’t have time to wait on hold or punch your way up a phone tree.


  • Our team is, simply put, the best in the business. Each logistics professional who works at AMT is cross-trained in all aspects of the transportation industry. We’re small enough to be flexible and experienced enough to have worked with companies of all sizes. We don’t miss a beat.


Don’t waste your precious time, trying to decide if working with an experienced freight broker is for you. Now’s the time to make a positive change. Logistics operations are complicated and that’s not changing. 

If you’re ready to up your game, to save time and money in logistics, and to work with the best carriers in the business, give us a call today.