Freight Brokers Add Value

5 Reasons you should be working with a freight broker

Freight Costs are a Big Budget Item

The ripple effect from the pandemic continues to disrupt supply chain costs, and most experts believe the end is not yet in sight. Did you know that a whopping 71% of goods in the US are moved by trucks? It’s very likely that while freight spend is one of your company’s biggest budget items, the folks in logistics don’t have a seat at the table. This is a problem because logistics departments, in general, often suffer a variety of problems from high turnover and limited knowledge of the current market to insufficient understanding of government regulations and the dangers of excessive liabilities. 

This can cost you and your company missed opportunities due to an out-of-control freight budget. And that’s not all, when you begin to suffer service failures, your reputation is at stake. 

If you continue to handle all of your logistics operations in-house, the COVID 19 Pandemic has probably done a number on your team. You’re overworked and overwhelmed and paying exorbitant (and constantly skyrocketing) rates. That’s where a good freight broker can help.

5 Reasons to Work with a Freight Broker

Customer Service

You don’t have time to wait on hold, to punch your way through a phone tree, or to hear the sound of a dial tone after someone accidentally disconnects your call. When you work with a reputable freight broker, you are working with folks who communicate and collaborate to offer you the best service available. Here at AM Transport Services, our team members answer the phones. We don’t have voicemail or a phone tree, just real live logistics experts who care about your freight 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Freight brokers have a breadth of knowledge in transportation because it’s our area of expertise. We have the tools and the know-how to navigate dropped loads, detention difficulties, and missed appointments. We’re up-to-date on industry standards and regulations that could expose you to liability and excess cost.

Customized Solutions

You’re not doing what the guy down the street is doing, and that’s why you need customized solutions. When you work with a trusted freight broker like AMT, we get to know you and your freight. We’ll do an in-depth analysis and apply innovative solutions that fit your needs.


Our cloud-based TMS integrates all relevant processes into one finely-tuned machine while providing flexibility, robust reporting, security, and an open API. We provide real-time tracking and visibility, freight bill and auditing, as well as an online portal that keeps everything exactly where you need it.

Reduced Costs 

When you work with an experienced freight broker (we’ve been in the business for over 30 years), you’ll see savings in both overhead costs and non-productive hours. You’ll have access to the best carriers in the business, carriers you will not find on your own. Carriers who value the sort of long-term relationships AM Transport Services is known for. These relationships allow us to negotiate fair and reasonable rates for you, and this satisfies you and your very important customers.

AM Transport Services is the leading freight broker and provider of outsourced logistics for manufacturers and distributors in the midwest. For 30+ years, we’ve been helping people just like you with our exceptional service, expertise, technology and access to premier carriers. If you’re interested in knowing more about why you should be working with a freight broker, reach out to us today.