AMT's Hot Dog Eating Contest

AMT’s 2021 Hot Dog Eating Contest

Who doesn’t love a good hot dog?

Did you watch Joey Chestnut win Nathan’s Famous 2021 July Fourth Hot Dog Eating Contest? If not, here’s the drill. Each year, the contestants have 10 minutes to eat as many hot dogs (and their buns) as they can. If you’ve never watched it, it’s kind of gross and strangely compelling.

Chestnut ate a whopping 76 hot dogs and buns to beat his own record.

AMT’s Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest

Here at AM Transport, we like hot dogs especially when Colby Shawver puts them on our big grill, R2-BQ. That’s why we enjoy putting on our own hot dog eating contest.

R2-BQ cooking up the hot dogs!

This year, the contest was held on July 27th. We had nine contestants: Sutton Dunn, Jakob Boulb, Mason Ridgely, Zac Egleston, Ben Stephenson, Hannah Thomas, Chad Martin, and Gavin Lathrop. Last year’s winner Sam Rodgers, who ate a whopping 12 hot dogs and buns didn’t participate, but watched to see if someone could beat his record.

I talked to a couple of the contenders before the contest. Sutton Dunn said he was planning on just enjoying some hot dogs. And when I asked Jakob Boulb if he was participating in the contest, he said, “It’s a free lunch.”

So how did the contest go?

No one beat Sam’s record of 12. But Mason Ridgely did eat an impressive eight hot dogs with their buns followed by Zac Egleston with seven and Sutton Dunn with 6 ½.  All in all, it was a solid showing by all who participated!

And here’s a close-up of the dogs cooking away!

Work hard and play hard!

Here at AM Transport Services, we work hard and we play hard. We don’t just eat hot dogs. We also golf and dress up for Halloween. We gather together after hours to listen to great music and have a drink or two in our new beer garden. It’s all part of our culture, and it all starts in the office where we provide unsurpassed service and make sure our customers work with the best carriers in the transportation industry. 

We’re always looking for smart and energetic people to join our team of committed and fun logistics professionals. You can find out more about employment opportunities at AM Transport here.