Jakob Boulb and Carson Scherer

Getting to know Jakob and CArson

This week we have a special treat for you! We’re getting to know Jakob Boulb and Carson Scherer a little bit better. Jakob started at AM Transport way back in 2019 as an intern/videographer. And Carson started just this year in March in carrier relations conducting check calls.

How has your job changed since you’ve been at AM Transport Services?

Jakob: Well, we don’t really do video very often anymore, so I moved into operations for a short period of time last year, and now I’m in IT.

Carson: I moved to a full-time carrier representative position, so now I’m booking loads with carriers and still doing some check calls.

Do you have a favorite funny work story/memory/incident you’d like to share?

Jakob: I’d have to go with anything that has to do with Hannah in general.

Carson: My team here likes to do a team stretch a few times a day. I really enjoyed the day Moose was feeling especially energetic and decided to do high knees from one side of the building to the other while yelling abut stretching.

So tell us a little bit about your family.

Jakob: My family consists of my Aunt Sonia, my fiancee Grace, my two cats Tiger and Spike, and lastly Grace’s dog Milo. We all like to annoy the crap out of each other 24/7, but deep down I think we care about each other (or at least I do).

Carson: I am coming up on a year and a half of marriage. Kayley and I have two dogs, Waylon, a Pitbull-Lab mix, and Petunia, a full-blooded English Mastiff. Kayley and I are also expecting a baby girl named Rosie in November.

Morning or evening person?

Jakob: I like the concept of being a morning person. I enjoy a nice McDonald’s breakfast, but I usually don’t wake up in time for that, so I would consider myself more of a 2:30-3:30PM person.

Carson: I’m usually more of a night owl. I like staying up and watching movies every night. I do, however, enjoy getting up early and drinking coffee on the weekends.

What’s your favorite AMT after-hours activity?

Jakob: I enjoy the family picnic. Grace is able to bring Milo, and all the kids love how small he is.

Carson: I’ve only been to a few so far; however, I’m looking forward to the Halloween party so I can dress up.

What’s your favorite season?

Jakob: A family-sized Banquet Salisbury Steak dinner all to myself followed by going to bed because it makes me feel terrible. Something about the grease that floats on top of the gravy and the high sodium content just vibes with my unhealthy lifestyle.

Carson: I’m a steak guy, and I wholeheartedly believe any steak cooked past rare is just an expensive hamburger. Nothing beats cutting into a steak and seeing the blood on your plate. So juicy!

Tea or coffee?

Jakob: Mountain Lightning (the unhealthy brother of Mt. Dew).

Carson: Both. Grew up drinking sweet tea every day, and now enjoy coffee every day too.

What’s the best movie or show you’ve seen in the last year?

Jakob: The movie Nobody starring Bob Odenkirk. It is action-packed and keeps you on edge through the entire movie.

Carson: Vikings is a pretty solid show I recommend to everyone.

What’s your favorite dish to bring to a potluck?

Jakob: I love to buy a box of instant mashed potatoes and make the entire thing and not say anything to anyone. Most of the time no one can tell they are instant.

Carson: Busch Light

Dogs or cats?

Jakob: I have two cats and Grace has a dog. I like my cats more because they are lower maintenance, and I don’t have to clean their accidents off the floor because they know how to use a box.

Carson: Dogs. Cats are okay, but they don’t love you like a dog does.

What’s your favorite summer activity?

Jakob: I enjoy riding my Onewheel. It helps me relax, clears my mind, and gets me away from my family for an hour.

Carson: I like going to the lake most weekends, fishing, and camping.

What is something you’re looking forward to in the near future?

Jakob: My fiancee Grace and I are going to be moving into our own place in May. It will be stressful, but I know we are both excited for it.

Carson: My wife and I are closing on a house right now, so I’m excited to get that done and move in.

If you could offer your 12-year-old self some advice, what would it be?

Jakob: Invest in bitcoin. Go outside more, and when people want you to try brisket, always say NO.

Carson: I would also say invest in bitcoin.

Thanks to Jakob and Carson!