Limited Truck Capacity

Limited truck capacity: Call Your Freight Broker

According to a recent article by Max Garland on Supply Chain Dive, truck capacity is limited and is going to remain tight for a while. “Money spent on truck shipments reached its highest level on record in Q2 as capacity constraints and rising fuel prices clashed with increased industrial output.” Furthermore truck capacity is extremely tight “due to a profound driver shortage, as motor carriers have been unable to increase supply sufficiently to meet the growing demand” according to the U.S. Bank’s quarterly index report.

What does this mean for manufacturers and distributors struggling with skyrocketing rates and ensuring their freight is picked up and delivered on time?

Relationships matter in logistics.

Now’s the time to find and work with a freight broker committed to building relationships with both customers and carriers. Let’s repeat that last part–committed to building relationships with both customers and carriers. We cannot stress enough how important those relationships are to ensuring your success in an ever-changing transportation market.

Why are relationships so important in the logistics industry?

Cultivating good relationships isn’t easy. It takes time, honesty, and communication.  To build good relationships with excellent carriers, a freight broker has to do a few important things.

  • Tell the truth. Good carriers don’t have time for dishonest freight brokers and right now with truck capacity as tight as it is, everyone is vying for those good carriers. Carriers also want to know ahead of time constraints, delivery requirements, or special equipment needed.
  • Pay quickly. The small carriers you want to work with appreciate quick payment. It allows them to hire the best drivers and operate the best equipment.
  • Excellent communication. Drivers don’t like waiting on hold. They don’t like punching phone trees. And they don’t like answering services. A freight broker committed to good relationships answers their own phones 24/7.
  • Respect. A good freight broker will treat their carriers like customers. That means they are quick to respond to problems and create solutions. That means they pay detention and treat drivers like the everyday heroes they are.

When a freight broker practices honesty, offers quick pay and excellent communication, and truly respects carriers and the drivers who pickup and deliver freight, they are cultivating relationships. 

When you work with a freight broker who has good relationships with carriers, you get better, more consistent rates, your freight picks up and delivers on-time, and you don’t have to worry about liability issues.

AM Transport Services

Here at AM Transport Services, we’ve been cultivating relationships with the best carriers in the midwest for over 30 years. And this translates into excellent service for the manufacturers and distributors we work with. If you’d like to know more about how our relationships can up your logistics game, give us a call today.