Autumn is around the corner

Autumn’s on the way! What are you looking forward to?

Did you know there are two official beginning days to each season? According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, each season has an astronomical start and a meteorological start. The astronomical start is based on the sun’s position “in relation to the Earth,” while the meteorological start is based on “our 12-month calendar as well as the annual temperature cycle.”

For instance, fall this year begins on September 1 according to the meteorological calendar and September 22 according to the astronomical calendar. It makes sense, doesn’t it? I’m always surprised to know that the beginning of fall is often so late in September when we’ve been experiencing fall weather for a while.

Either way, after a long, hot summer, we’re ready for autumn. I love all the seasons, but there’s a special place in my heart for fall. The light is different as the sun begins to set earlier and the leaves begin to change. The whole world seems to take on an almost golden hue, and the muggy humidity we’re accustomed to here in southern Illinois begins to dissipate as the air cools.

When my kids were little, the cooler weather and the shorter days were  welcome as they adjusted to new school schedules and homework. The weather itself ushered in our greater need for a schedule.

Well, I no longer have younger kids. My youngest is a college sophomore, and he seems to adjust to his changing schedule fine all on his own, and still I love the slow down from summer to fall. Just now, leaves are beginning to drift from their branches and while the cicadas continue to hum well into the night, fall is just around the corner.

Red and Orange Autumn Leaves on the Ground and on Trees Beside Body of Water by Jacob Colvin

Here at AM Transport Services, I’m not the only one who enjoys a brisk fall day. Here’s what the team is looking forward to this fall.

We all know that Joe Eagleson loves a good fire, and we’re looking forward to the upcoming Halloween party when he can put his fire-building skills to good use in a nice fire for our annual Halloween party.

Photo by Joe Eagleson

Jakob Boulb is looking forward to campfires and “being able to cook in my kitchen without being miserable from the heat!”

Fires seem to be a hit around this place because Zac Egleston is also looking forward to fires; he also loves hoodies, Oktoberfest beer, and “a LOT of grilling.”

Laine Slover is also a fan of hoodies (his favorite type of clothing). A hunter, he enjoys bowhunting and late season fishing as well as football and, of course, bonfires.

“Fall is the most wonderful time of the year,” asserts Victoria Sturm who enjoys waking up to the “nice, crisp weather that welcomes you to wear the most comfy clothes you have, while the smell of pumpkin spice is floating adrift in the air.”

Speaking of pumpkin spice, Colby Shawver and his family have spent the last 5 autumns welcoming folks to Possum Patch Farms, a labor of love and fall fun. I highly recommend that you check it out this summer if you are in the area. In addition to cooking at the family pumpkin patch, Colby like bowhunting, cool weather, and sitting by a campfire.

Possum Patch Farms

Erik Jensen a long-time Dallas Cowboy football fan, keeps it simple. His favorite thing about fall is football, and he doesn’t miss Sunday football if he can help it.

And Hannah Thomas “pretty much loves everything about fall.” She loves the decor, the fall-scented candles, and of course, all the delicious baked goods. But it doesn’t stop there for Hannah. “I love bonfire season and breaking out the EIU crewnecks that everyone makes fun of,” she explains. “One of my favorite things to do in the fall is to go down south and visit my mom. She lives in the Shawnee area, and when the leaves turn, it is beyond gorgeous. There’s an orchard (Rendlemen Orchards) that has the best cider and fresh apple cider donuts. Also, going to the orchard with my mom means fresh apple pie and homemade ice cream when we get home!”

Are you hungry yet?

Michael McKinney loves that fall means slowing down a bit. He enjoys “wearing hoodies, blue jeans, and flannels and attending cross country meets and marching band contests, the rhythm of a schedule again with summer past and school back in session, the smell of leaves on the ground and hot coffee on a cool morning.” And of course, the Annual McKinney Chowder.

But some of us think of fall all year. David Abell admits “I really enjoy the fall Holidays. My kids and I talk year round about what they want to be for Halloween. Although, we only end up “tricking or treating” a few houses in the neighborhood we spend hours discussing their costumes. I really enjoy Thanksgiving as well. Recently, we have been traveling to different locations to meet with extended family and have a big traditional Thanksgiving meal. The celebration usually lasts for a few days!”

We’d love to hear from you. What do you love about fall? Drop us a line, leave a comment, or stop by and see us!