What does a freight broker do?

What does a freight broker do?

With the global supply chain upended by the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s a great time to revisit a couple of questions we receive a lot here at AM Transport Services.

What is a freight broker and what does a freight broker do?

So what’s a freight broker? Simply put, a freight broker is a liaison between shippers (manufacturers and distributors) and the carriers that pick up and deliver their freight.

Here’s where things get a little more complicated. AM Transport isn’t your average freight broker. In fact, we’re a full-service 3PL (third party logistics provider). According to the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals:

A 3PL is “a firm which provides multiple logistics services for use by customers. preferably, these services are integrated or ‘bundled’ together by the provider. These firms facilitate the movement of parts and materials from supplier to manufacturers, and finished products from manufacturers to distributors and retailers. Among the services which they provide are transportation, warehousing, cross-docking, inventory management, packaging, and freight forwarding.”

The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals

What about trucks?

No, we don’t have trucks. We’re a non-asset based provider of logistics services, and this gives us the flexibility to find the absolute best carrier for your particular needs. Many manufacturers and distributors are operating under the old myth that working with an asset-based provider is preferable, and that’s simply not true.

Here at AMT, we have long-term relationships with over 10,000 of the best small to midsize carriers in the midwest. Because we’ve been in business for 32 years, our relationships with these carriers are built on trust and mutual respect. It allows us to negotiate great rates for our customers and to ensure the carriers committed to your freight are honest, reliable, insured, and highly-rated.

At the same time, the carriers working with us appreciate our dedication to their well-being. These relationships are important to us, and that’s why we offer quick pay and 24/7/365 day a year availability. Driving a truck is hard work, and when a driver calls in, he or she deserves to talk with a real person, no matter what time of the day or what day of the year.

Now’s a great time to start working with a freight broker.

If you’re not already working with a freight broker, now is a great time to start. The COVID-19 pandemic has done a number on the supply chain. Rates are at an all-time high, and due to a continuing driver shortage and difficulties all along the supply chain, relief isn’t expected any time soon.

What can you expect working with AM Transport?

Reliable rates. According to Steve Syfan in Inbound Logistics, “a 3PL should be able to reduce transportation costs by at least 5%, and as much as 25%, for manufacturers who have been running their own shipping departments.” Cost savings and reliability is something you need right now.

Experience. Our logistics team is the best in the business. We’re cross-trained in all aspects of supply chain service. We’re up to date on industry standards and regulations which means you wont’ be left with excessive liabilities. And we bring our breadth of knowledge and expertise to bear on every single shipment you bring to us. You can leave your logistics worries to our team.

Technology. We take care of the financials, the order processing, and we track your shipments from pickup to delivery and offer real-time updates so you’ll never again have to wonder where your freight is. Our state-of-the-art TMS is customizable and offers in-depth reporting, so if you want to up your game we’ve got the data to make it work.

Now’s the time!

Don’t wait a minute longer if you want to save time and money. Our experts can help. Just give us a call today, and we’ll show you what a great freight broker does day in and day out!