The Problem with Carrier Selection

The Problem with Carrier Selection

Vetting carriers is no small undertaking.

Transportation costs have skyrocketed since the advent of the pandemic, but most shippers would agree that quality of service hasn’t risen in tandem with rates. Simply put, it’s hard to find consistent, reliable carriers when times are good, but when the supply chain is in upheaval, it’s more difficult than ever.

If you’re vetting carriers on your own, we feel your pain. After all, how much time do you have to research how long a carrier has been in business or how many trucks they have? How many hours can you devote to finding out how new a carrier’s trucks are or how often they’ve been cited for safety violations? Then you’ll want to know their on-time pickup and delivery percentages and how long the average driver stays with them. It’s a full-time job, and you simply don’t have the time.

If you’re vetting carriers on your own, you’re probably playing a risky game of hit or miss. And this is a bad time to be wrong. It’s imperative that you know your freight is picked up and delivered on time. Your reputation depends on it. Things have been tight for months now, and one way to compete in this environment is to be on time. We all know one mess-up can ruin months of work.

Good carriers are hard to find for a reason.

The pandemic has made one thing clear–trucking companies and the men and women who drive trucks are everyday heroes. Their service to our economy cannot be overstated. But the truth is, the best carriers are hard to find. That’s why working with a freight broker or 3PL with a long business history makes a difference.

You see, small carriers with fleets of one to 100 trucks are the backbone of the transportation industry, but they’re busy hauling freight which means they don’t have a strong online presence or an abundance of new technologies. They’re not always looking for new business because the freight brokers they work with have the technology and the relationships to match them with great freight that complements their equipment and availability.

Don’t leave things to chance.

Working with a freight broker provides you with access to premier carriers you won’t find on your own. And working with AM Transport ensures you’ll be working with the best small to midsize carriers in the transportation industry.

Here at AMT, we’ve been building relationships with carriers for 31 years. We have access to over 10,000 premier midwestern carriers. We’re not vetting carriers at the last minute. We’re not posting your loads to a load board. We’re calling the carriers we know, real people we have real relationships with. Because when we bring a carrier on, we complete an exhaustive vetting process. We know you don’t want to work with just anyone–neither do we.

If you’re looking to up your game, to create a space between your business and your competitors, it’s time you start working with a freight broker with access to the best carriers you can find. We’ll get to know you and your freight, and we’ll match you with a carrier who’ll safely pickup and deliver your freight at a fair and reliable rate.

Don’t wait any longer. Give us a call today with your toughest lane, and we’ll find the right carrier at the right price.