A different kind of broker

Last Minute Loads?

Last minute loads.

We have a couple of customers with last minute loads. Often these loads come in after hours or over the weekend when the AMT team has gone home to have dinner with their families or attend a junior pro basketball game. The commitment we have to our customers and carriers is mirrored in our dedication to our families, friends, and community.

So what happens when those last minute loads come in? 

Here’s what you might expect: Last Minute Customer calls broker and gets a voicemail service. Last Minute Customer punches their way through a detailed phone tree and finally reaches the voicemail of the customer account representative assigned to their freight. They leave a detailed message and hang up the phone.

And then they wait.

And then they wait some more.

And the longer they wait, the more expensive it becomes to get their goods to their customer who needs them within the next 24-48 hours.

By the time Last Minute Customer talks to their customer account representative, the freight is going to cost twice as much to move and it won’t be on time.

Does this sound familiar?

So what happens when these last minute loads are called in to AM Transport Services?

First of all, we don’t have an answering service or a voicemail. Even after hours, you’ll get a real live person who will take your information and get to work.

Second of all, we don’t give loads back. So when you call us, whenever you call us, we’ll take care of you and your customers. We’ll match you with the best carrier and provide you with an excellent rate and your freight will be picked up and delivered on-time.

It’s the best way to make sure you and your customers are successful. And that’s what we want.

It’s pretty simple. Here at AM Transport Services, we appreciate each and every customer. Do we love advance notice on loads? Certainly. Do we require it? No way.

A different kind of broker.

The team at AM Transport Services doesn’t operate like your average freight broker or 3PL. Most brokers are going to try to sell you on their advanced technology. And we could do that too. For 32 years, we’ve been using the smartest tech around, and even so, that’s not where we really shine. You see, we’re people-powered, and in the transportation industry, people make a difference.

When you work with us a friendly, committed person will take your calls 24/7/365 days a year.

Last minute loads–no problem. We’ve got you covered!