Meet the team: Dalton Utley

Meet the Team: Dalton Utley

Last week, we introduced you to Katrina Marshall. And this week we are excited to introduce you to the newest face around AMT–Dalton Utley who came on board about two weeks ago!

How did you end up here at AM Transport?

I decided I needed a change in scenery, and I noticed during my interview that AMT has the best work atmosphere from the communication between co-workers to the jamming out to the best music (sometimes bad music). I actually know quite a few team members.

What did you do before AMT?

I was working for Republic Services before I came here, so transportation in the trash business. Before that I was in the military. That taught me to be patient which helps with phone calls on certain days. The military was a great experience where I learned how to never sleep which is unfortunate.

What are you doing here at AMT?

I make check calls and speak to customers about their pickups and deliveries. It’s a newer position, and I’m still learning what all is involved.


Beer or wine? Beer for sure. IPAs are disgusting though. I like wine but too much of it, and I would have to take a whole week off work to recover.

Beer? I’m very basic and drink Michelob. I will drink any beer though as I love to try new craft beers.

Skittles or M&Ms? I am not much of a candy person, but I can eat some skittles like Marshawn Lynch.

Music? My favorite is alternative rock and outlaw country. Breaking Benjamin, Incubus, and Tyler Childers are some of my favorites.

Television show? My favorite TV show is between Yellowstone and Sons of Anarchy. I also love Parks and Recreation.

Movie? My favorite movie is probably The Departed. Anything with Leo DiCaprio really.

Performer? Godsmack is the best band I have ever seen live, but Chris Stapleton probably puts on the best show. He is as smooth as Tennessee whiskey for sure.

Podcast? Joe Rogan is my man.

Sport? Baseball, but football is a close second.

Team? St. Louis Cardinals, New Orleans Saints, Ohio State Buckeyes, Los Angeles Lakers, and St. Louis Blues.

Color? Green, but dark green, not that weird looking light green.

Power Ranger? I was never a Power Ranger fan, but if I had to choose it would be green.

What do you think about when you are alone in the car?

I think about why my heater just quit and why I keep procrastinating on getting it fixed. Also what I am going to eat for lunch and dinner even when it’s 6AM. Also what new variant of Covid is going to come out next week.

If you could be any animal in the world, what would you be?

A velociraptor because why not!

Married, kids, significant other?

Never married. I have one fur baby named Paisley who just turned 8 years old. She is a red-headed boxer who may be a little obese because she eats when she is happy. I think I have a significant other, but she won’t tell me what we are yet, lol.

If someone gifted you an elephant, what would you do?

Keep it in the backyard, so hopefully it would scare off all the stray cats that like to come around and hide under my vehicle.

What’s your superpower?

To be always awake and to know way too much useless information that will never help me in the future except for maybe trivia contests.

How do you start your day?

I begin my day by checking the jail log. I know I’m not the only one who has this weird problem.

How do you recharge after a long day or week at work?

Play with my dog as soon as I walk in the door, find a good movie, and open a beer. Also go see this person named Betty. She is pretty great.

What are you reading right now? Any good shows or movies you want to recommend?

I’m reading Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey. You have to watch 1883 or Mayor of Kingstown if you haven’t yet.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Never trust a fart is probably the truest thing I have ever heard, and many people have advised me of that over the years.