The folks at AMT care about you and your business.

We Care and Why That Matters to You

Why should you outsource your logistics to AMT?

It’s rather simple. We care.

We know you’re probably tired of hearing about tight truck capacity, and the driver shortage, and how the pandemic has exacerbated problems that had been simmering for years. You’re tired of having to book loads that your provider gave back (because they found a better deal on the spot market). You’re frustrated with poor communication and shady deals.

We get it because we care.

We care and why that matters.


We work with the best small to midsize carriers in the midwest. These are carriers we’ve been working with for years. They are experienced with long business histories and long-term drivers.

Our Team

Our team members are experienced professionals cross-trained in all aspects of our business. Our carrier and customer service reps enjoy getting to know our carriers and our customers because that’s what separates us from our competition. We take the time to learn about your business and your unique transportation needs. Our team works together to make sure your freight is matched with the best carrier at the best rate. And we do this day in and day out. In fact, we’ve been working this way for 32 years.


We don’t usually brag about our technology because we are first and foremost a people-powered company. But our state-of-the art technology allows us to track your freight from pickup to delivery. We have a portal where you can communicate with our team, check on a load status, and access all of your paperwork. And if you’re interested in in-depth reports that will help you take your logistics game to the next level, we can do that too!


Last, but definitely not least, we are available. We care about our customers and carriers and that’s why we don’t have voicemail or an answering service. There are no phone trees to punch your way through to get you to the right person. We’re here answering our phones 24/7/365 days a year. And that means your freight never falls through the cracks. And when you have that last minute load, we’re here for you. Just to make it clear–when you call AM Transport Services, you’ll talk to a real, live logistician every time.

You deserve the best.

If you’re tired of worrying about your freight; if you’d like to get back to doing what you do best, give us a call. We’d love to help you get your freight on the road with the best carriers in the midwest at a rate you can afford