IMA Grants

The Illinois Manufacturers’ Association Announces New State of Illinois Training Grants

The Illinois Manufacturers’ Association: A Trusted Partner

Here at AMT, when we discover something exceptional, we’re compelled to share it. And that’s the case with the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association (IMA).

We’ve been partnering with the IMA for the past three years. And even though the IMA is a membership organization, “partnering” is what the relationship feels like. Their assistance to members on a wide range of issues is engaged and collaborative in helping move companies forward.

Here at AMT, we work with Senior Business Development Manager, Randy Prince. He’s become a trusted advisor on a variety of issues. The relationships the IMA builds with members is reminiscent of the new State Farm “Rodgers Rate” commercials. Each one of their 4000 member locations gets personalized, direct, and accurate assistance.

Recently, the IMA announced a new State of Illinois grant that helps you train your Illinois manufacturing team–it’s called the Employer Training Investment Program (ETIP). These grants are fantastic opportunities to receive funding for both internal and external training. You can get up to 50% of the trainer cost back! Yes, tax dollars returned when you work to enhance your business.

ETIP Questions Answered

What about all the paperwork?

Don’t worry, the IMA helps with all paperwork and even supplies a grant coordinator to guide your application through the process.

Does anyone ever actually get one of these grants?

Historically the average ETIP grant award is about $8000, and over the last five years, every applicant assisted by the IMA has been awarded a grant.

What’s the catch?

Here are the requirements. Training has to be for more than one person. No college credit classes. No soft skills. 

You’ll get grant money for the weekly tool box safety talk you’re having anyway. You’ll also get dollars back for the training you do on your new software updates. Have a new piece of equipment that requires training–that’s included also. And guess what–the IMA-introduced law means you don’t pay sales tax on that equipment either.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

If you’re located in Illinois, I highly encourage you to call Randy Prince of the IMA at 217-303-8493. Ask for the “David Treatment.”  Invest a little time with the IMA, and I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the return.