Here's How We Do It!

We help shippers save Time and Money

Are you still shopping for the lowest rate?

If you’re like most logistics managers, you think you’re saving money when you book your load for the lowest rate. But there’s so much more to account for like the service failures, damaged freight, late deliveries, and dropped loads that often accompany the lowest rate. And if you’re not paying attention to the invoices when they come in, you might want to take a look. Most of the time, you’ll find that low low rate exploded with extra charges.

If you want hassle-free and cost-efficient pickup and delivery of your freight, you have to work with a freight broker with experience, know-how, and a strong carrier base.

We get it, and that’s why we’re been helping logistics managers like you save time and money for the past 32 years.

And you know what–it’s what you deserve.

Here at AM Transport, we are proud to be a people-powered freight brokerage. If you want to know about our technology, we’d be happy to tell you all about it. We’ve been studying and using the best technology for years now. And if you’re interested in crunching numbers and finding ways to optimize your logistics operations, we can help.

But we know that most of the time, you simply want consistent, reliable service at a rate you can count on, and our team of logistics experts can do that in their sleep!

Here’s how we do it!

It’s pretty easy to work with the team at AM Transport.

You email us with a lane you need a quote for, and we get together with our capacity team to offer you an industry leading rate with a premier small-to-midsize midwestern carrier.

We provide a single point of contact, excellent communication, and technology customized for your business.

We schedule appointments, track your freight, provide real-time updates, and take care of all the paperwork.

It really is that easy!

You can work with the best carriers and save both time and money when you work with the logistics team at AM Transport Services. Now’s the time to say goodbye to your logistics headaches. Give the professionals at AMT a call today.

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