Community Spotlight: Salt & Sage

Community Spotlight: Salt & Sage

Community is important to us at AM Transport. We live the belief that we’re better together both in and out of the office. Olney, Illinois is a great place to live, work, and raise children, and we love to shine the spotlight on great businesses and organizations. This week, I’m happy to shine that light on Salt & Sage. Salt & Sage was opened two years ago by my daughter, Sydni Sorensen, a licensed cosmetologist. It’s one of my favorite places in town because Sydni and her partner, Natalie Shryock offer facials, massages, and other beauty treatments. I sat down with Sydni to ask her a few questions about her growing business.

Can you tell me a little bit about the services you offer?

I offer customized facials ranging from 30-70 minutes. I cater each facial to the client’s unique skin type. I also offer henna eyebrow treatments, waxing, and event hair and make-up. I love being a part of a client’s special day!

Natalie is a licensed massage therapist and she offers massages ranging from 30-90 minutes. She specializes in therapeutic massage using several different modalities of massage therapy. Every session with Natalie is customized to the client’s specific needs.

So why do you enjoy working in the personal service industry?

Relationships. I’ve come to truly appreciate the relationships I’ve been able to make and build through the service industry whether it’s with other salon/spa owners or my clients who I’m incredibly grateful for. Having the opportunity to serve people and help others feel good about themselves is what makes me passionate about my profession.

You got started right before the COVID-19 pandemic shut things down. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

I was just starting out as a sole proprietor the year the pandemic began, so I was ineligible for any and all government aid offered at the time, and though I agreed 100% with the Governor’s decision to temporarily put a halt to all of the services I offered, it made things very difficult for me. When I was able to open my doors again, there were mask mandates that made giving a facial impossible for the client. That’s one of my most popular services, so that was hard.

What’s your favorite part of working in the beauty and personal wellness field?

My favorite thing about this industry is helping women feel good about the skin they’re in. It’s cool and rewarding to be a part of so many people’s lives in so many different ways–from doing hair and makeup on the biggest day of someone’s life to providing a spa day for your daughter and her friends.

Natalie and I ran a special this year for Black Friday. We combined our services to create a mini-deluxe spa day package. It was a real hit, and we are still busy scheduling these days. I would say the spa package is something we plan to add to our menu for regular booking!

Mask at Salt & Sage

What’s your philosophy on beauty and beauty care?

When you feel good and confident about the way you look, it makes life a hell of a lot easier! I believe everyone should have access to beauty products that are whole and good for them. Clean beauty is my thing–this means natural, chemical-free product. I believe in skincare made from plant botanicals and natural resources. Once you start prioritizing your skin and what you put on it, you’ll never stop!

Where are you located?

We’re located at 702 High Street, here in Olney. I have to admit when I first started, I was a little nervous about the location–it’s sort of tucked away, a little “hidden.” But I love everything about this place. There is something so special and perfect for this business about not being able to hear any traffic. Natalie and I are so grateful to Rob David who has been an incredible landlord and has allowed us to transform Salt & Sage into what it is today.

Future plans?

We’re always learning and evolving our practices here at Salt & Sage. And I look forward to offering many more services in the future. A couple of things we are happy to announce we’ll be offering soon are scalp treatments and deluxe blowouts! And stay on the watch as we’ll be adding a full-service salon soon!

Last words?

If you contact me and mention you read this interview, I’ll give you 10% off any service you choose.