A Logistics Team You Can Count On

A Logistics Team You Can Count On!

If you’re like most manufacturers, you probably believe working with a big brand name 3PL or freight broker is the best way to save time and money.

They’ve got advanced technology with loads of bells and whistles. They’ve got deep pockets and probably a few trucks of their own. And they have a smart sales team to tout their ability to provide you with hassle-free logistics solutions.

It sounds like Big Brand Name 3PL has quite a bit to offer.

But that depends on what you’re looking for.

You see, here at AM Transport Services, we understand how necessary it is to get the biggest bang for your hard-earned buck. And if what you’re looking for is a rate you can count on and on-time pickup and delivery, you are probably better off working with a smaller broker you can trust.

AM Transport is a small freight broker located in southern Illinois, and we’ve been in the logistics business for almost 35 years. Our main job is to help manufacturers like you get your freight picked up and delivered on-time at a rate you can afford.

Here’s how we’re different from Big Brand Name 3PL.


Like Big Brand Named 3PL, our transportation management system (TMS) is state-of-the-art. But we’re not going to charge you for all the bells and whistles you don’t want or need. Don’t get us wrong–we can make a big difference in your bottom-line with our technology. And when we get the opportunity to do so, it’s a lot of fun.  

But here’s where we’re a little different. Our tech department isn’t across campus (or in another country). We’re all under one roof, and that means our tech people are collaborating with our customer and carrier service reps in real-time. You can’t beat that for getting things done.

No, we don’t have our own trucks, and that’s good for you!

Unlike Big Brand Name 3PL we don’t have trucks of our own. And you know what that means for you? We’re not trying to fill our trucks first. You consistently get the best truck for your particular freight. And because we’ve been in the logistics industry for nearly 35 years, we have long-term relationships with the best small-to-midsize carriers in the midwest. 

These are carriers Big Brand Name 3PL doesn’t know and doesn’t work with. They’re carriers with long business histories, low driver turnover, excellent safety records, and the highest on-time pickup and delivery percentages. When you work with these carriers, you don’t have to worry about your freight’s location or condition.

We’re a team, collaborating under the same roof.

So what about that crack sales person from Big Brand Name 3PL? He certainly does know what he’s doing, but he’s not the guy you’ll be working with day in and day out. When you work with a big company, you’re not working with the tenured experts, you’re working with the recent college grads who are clawing their way up the corporate ladder.

These young folks can’t make decisions on their own because they simply don’t have the experience. They’re following a decision tree. That means every time something goes wrong, that inexperienced junior staffer must wait and seek approval from someone higher up. Meanwhile, your freight is stranded and your customers are unhappy at best and ready to pull their business at worst.

The AMT Difference.

When you work with a small freight broker like AM Transport, you are working with a team well-versed in all aspects of the logistics business. We have the knowledge and the autonomy to make quick decisions. When we need an innovative solution, we simply walk across the room to talk with the data scientists and analysts. Everyone is in the same room.

It makes a difference, we promise. And you don’t have to take our word for it, just check out our Google and DAT reviews. And then give us a call (we answer our own phones) with your toughest lane.