Picture of a highway. Text: Not your average freight broker.

Too Busy for a Better Freight Broker?

Too busy?

If you’re in charge of logistics for your manufacturing facility, you probably don’t have an extra minute. After all, the past two years have been stressful for people charged with getting products on the road. 

In 2020, 70% of small facilities were forced to shut their doors for a month or longer. It’s yet to be seen how many will recover. 

How much time do you spend calling brokers or carriers for quotes or updates on those trucks carrying your important shipments? How much time do you spend shuffling paperwork or printing and paying adjusted invoices? How much money are you forking out for premium rates because your providers keep giving back your loads at the last minute?

Too much.

Now’s the time for a change.

Here at AM Transport, we know that change is hard and sometimes when you’re barely keeping your head above water, change seems impossible. But that’s the perfect time to leap.

Listen, we understand your predicament. We’ve been in the logistics business for 32 years. We’ve been around long enough to know how to weather the volatility of an ever-changing freight market. 

We do things a little bit differently.

First of all, we get to know you and your lanes. We take the time and ask the right questions. We have a deep core carrier base of small to midsize midwestern carriers you won’t find anywhere else. They’re dependable, reliable trucking companies with long business histories, the best drivers on the road, excellent safety records, and superior on-time pickup and delivery rates. From this pool of premium carriers, we find one or two that best match your particular freight. This ensures we can offer you a solid freight rate we’ll stand by.

Secondly, we don’t give back loads. I could elaborate here, but it’s really that simple. When we take a load, we cover it. 

Finally, we answer our own phones. Don’t let anyone tell you this isn’t one of the most important things to look for in a freight broker. When you work with us, you’re our number one priority. We know you do not have the time to wait on hold or to punch your way up a phone tree. And we don’t have voicemail. When you call us, you get a real person every single time.

Change is good.

Change isn’t a bad word. When you call AM Transport Services, you’ll find out just how good change really is. Give us a call today with your toughest lane.