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Logistics as a Service: Our Service Model

Last week, we looked at the technology component of Logistics as a Service. Today, we’re going to explore the kind of service you receive when you work with AM Transport for Logistics as a Service.

Part 2: Exceptional Service

The AMT Service Model.

For 32 years, the team at AM Transport Services has been helping manufacturers and distributors with their logistics needs. We’ve worked with the most forward-thinking logistics professionals in the transportation business, learning, investing in, using the practices of the most advanced supply chains in the world. 

We provide a variety of offerings for shippers with one goal in mind–to deliver the level of support you need from fractional leadership engagements to the outsourcing of your entire logistics department.

In fractional engagements, we can help guide and direct your logistics department in achieving supply chain objectives. Greater insight into your supply chain is quite valuable when you are creating a new product strategy or forecasting upcoming year fiscal costs.

No, we don’t have a crystal ball, but you do gain the power of our 32 years of experience. For example, manufacturing companies working on a project basis are often required to bid work a year in advance. It’s not unusual for these bids to require freight expense in the total bid price. How do you know what to charge when historical or current market conditions do not always indicate future conditions?

We’ll help you create a pricing modeling process to equip you with the best possible knowledge. We take a long, in-depth look, analyze data, and give you the advice you need.


Here at AMT, everything we do is relationship-based. We get to know our customers and our carriers because healthy relationships are a win/win for everyone involved, and accountability is at the heart of all healthy relationships. Without accountability, your logistics partnerships will never work.

When you partner with AMT for Logistics as a Service, we outline the objectives most important to you. It might be cost, service, communication or a combination of the three. When we’ve agreed on the criteria, we share this with your transportation providers because we want success all around. We create reporting standards, reports, and dashboards in service to transparency across the board–that way everyone knows where they stand at all times. Furthermore, we’ll schedule quarterly conferences with providers for feedback on how they’re doing and what they can do to improve. We leverage our freight broker experience to implement the most holistic processes.


In The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Steven Covey writes, “When the trust account is high, communication is easy, instant, and effective.” Covey is correct, communication and trust go hand-in-hand. Give us a call and you’ll find out that after 32 years in the business, AM Transport Services still doesn’t have voicemail. Sure, we could use a state-of-the-art AI-based answering system, but we prefer to answer the phone. We want to talk to our customers and carriers. We know if you’re calling, you need to talk to someone. You don’t have the time to wait on a returned email or punch your way up an irritating phone tree. 

Ready for the next step?

Whatever your logistics needs are, the team at AM Transport is ready to help you reach your goals. We know the past couple of years have been extremely difficult for midwestern manufacturers. The transportation industry is complex and becoming more so every day. You deserve to work with a logistics provider with the experience and knowledge to navigate the ever-changing landscape. And that’s what you’ll find when you work with the career-professionals at AM Transport Services.

If you’re ready to up your logistics game, give us a call. Remember, we answer our own phones.