Summer Truck Inspections

Inspection Blitzes Can Disrupt Your Supply Chain

Each year, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) announces several safety initiatives which include three enforcement efforts: International Roadcheck, Operation Safe Driver Week, and Brake Safety Week. 

During these days of vehicle safety enforcement, manufacturers often experience more difficulty finding trucks. This means late loads and higher rates because many trucks and companies decide to park their trucks so as not to risk paying violation fees.

Inspection Blitzes Summer 2022

This year, International Roadcheck will be held May 17-19. During this year’s International Roadcheck, CVSA-certified inspectors in Canada, Mexico, and the United States will conduct “North American Standard Inspections of commercial motor vehicles and drivers at weight and inspection stations, on roving patrols, and at temporary inspection sites.”

Every year, the CVSA chooses a specific focus for the inspections, and this year’s focus is on wheel ends. According to the CVSA, violations involving wheel end components “historically account for about one quarter of the vehicle out-of-service violations discovered during International Roadcheck.”

If vehicles are found in violation during inspections, the CVSA inspector will restrict the driver or vehicle from travel. And that’s why many trucking companies will park their trucks during this time to avoid being put out-of-service.

In July, the CVSA will hold Operation Safe Driver. This summer, Operation Safe Driver will occur July 10-16. During this week, law enforcement officials will be on the lookout for “commercial motor vehicle drivers and passenger vehicle drivers engaged in risky driving.”

Finally, Operation Airbrake will be held during the week of August 21-27. During this week, commercial motor vehicle inspectors will conduct brake inspections on large trucks and buses.

What do you need to know?

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