AM Transport Services

Carriers like working with AMT: here’s why!

Customers AND Carriers

Businesses are supposed to be customer-focused, right? And here at AMT, we’re no different. The manufacturers and distributors we work with need to get their products from point A to point B at a reasonable, reliable rate with a carrier they can trust, and that’s the prime reason we’re in business. After all, that’s what we do–find the right carrier for each shipment, schedule transportation, and ensure timely pickup and delivery.

So it would follow that the customer is the most important factor in this equation, but that’s not how it works here at AMT. Because without our core group of carriers, we couldn’t provide our customers with the service they deserve.

Customers and carriers are equally important to a healthy supply chain, and here at AM Transport, we both understand and make sure our approach exemplifies this truth.

Good carriers are the beating heart of the supply chain.

And that’s why the carriers we work with are long-time friends. They have long business histories, the highest safety ratings, and low driver turnover. And they like working with AMT for a variety of reasons.

Why do carriers like working with AM Transport Services?

We tell the truth!

No need to elaborate on this one. If you’re in logistics, you know that honesty isn’t always a broker’s number one priority. But when you work with AM Transport Services, you can count on honesty and transparency.

We pay fast!

We offer our carriers quick pay because we appreciate the hard work they do. The past couple of years have put carriers and drivers on the frontline, and they deserve to be paid on-time with no hassle.

We’re building relationships!

This means we don’t want to work with you on just one load. The best thing about our business is getting to know the customers and carriers with work with and figuring out ways to benefit everyone.

We’re easy to reach!

We answer our own phones 24/7/365 days a year. If you’re out on the road, it’s nice to know someone is here to answer questions or help if a problem arises. Sometimes a driver just needs to talk to someone, and that’s okay too. We’re always available.

We believe carriers are customers too!

That means we treat our carriers like we treat our customers.

We work with great manufacturers and distributors in the midwest.

If you’re a carrier, you understand how important that is. Our customers have consistent freight, excellent communication skills, and treat carriers with respect. They know the importance of relationships and how strong relationships are the best indicator of a great logistics strategy.

A partner you can trust.

At AM Transport Services, our job is to help manufacturers and distributors get their product from point A to point B. We do that by matching their freight with the best small to midsize carriers in the midwest. If you want to know more about why carriers choose AM Transport Services, check out our DAT and Google Reviews. And then give us a call today. We’ve got the freight.