How to have a healthy supply chain

How to Have a Healthy Supply Chain

Customers + Carriers = A Healthy Supply Chain

Most businesses are customer-centric, and that’s a good thing. Here at AM Transport, we understand that without the great manufacturers and distributors we work with, we wouldn’t be in business. It’s our job to make sure your freight is picked up and delivered on-time and safely at a reasonable rate. And that’s what we do–find the right carrier for each shipment, schedule transportation, and keep our eyes on it until it reaches its ultimate destination.

With that in mind, you might think the customer is the most important factor in this equation, but when someone asks us  who is more important in the carrier/customer supply chain equation, we explain that in the logistics arena customers and carriers are equally important to a healthy supply chain.

You see, without our core group of carriers (some we’ve been working with for over 30 years), we couldn’t ensure your success.

For example, let’s talk about redundancy. If you’re taking care of your logistics in house, and you’re working with only one major carrier, what happens when that carrier shuts down for some reason? We’ve seen a lot of this over the past couple of years during the pandemic, and it’s not good for your supply chain.

But when you work with us, our wide range of carriers covers you even when there is upheaval and disruption in the world from tornados and snow storms to global pandemics.

Here’s what we love about this–it works the same way for our great carriers who love working with the stellar customers who ensure their freight to the team at AMT. When carriers pick up and deliver for only one or two companies, they are in a pickle when those businesses shut their doors. During the pandemic, many small carriers were in financial trouble when manufacturers had to shut down.  But the carriers who work with AMT, reaped the benefits of our great customers and great freight.


Good customers have excellent communication skills, consistent freight, and they treat carriers with respect. The customers we work with know the importance of relationships and work hard to cultivate those relationships at the heart of any good logistics strategy.

We love our customers so much that we keep them for 20 or 30 years. Our customers gain the full power of our team, our technology, and our 24/7 availability and service. 


Good carriers are the beating heart of any supply chain. Our carriers are equal partners on the team that includes customers and AMT professionals. They have long business histories, excellent safety records, and low, low driver turnover. You can count on these small to midsize carriers to pick up and deliver your freight on time every time.

We love our carriers, and that’s why we answer the phone every time they call. We also offer quick pay and always pay detention. We understand just how important these carriers are to an efficiently running supply chain.

Customers and Carriers for the win!

Relationships really do matter. Here at AM Transport, we get to know the customers and carriers we work with day in and day out. It ensures we find the best carrier for every single load we book.