Consistent Truck Capacity

You Deserve Consistent Truck Capacity and Great Rates

Smart manufacturers and distributors work with AM Transport because:

They need their freight picked up and delivered on time–every time.

They’re tired of inconsistent, unreliable service and not receiving the attention they deserve.

They can’t find reliable trucks and drivers.

They’re frustrated with an out-of-control freight budget and can’t fix it.

They’re losing customer respect because of service failures.

Sourcing carriers exposes them to excessive liabilities.

They’ve had it with a lack of visibility and transparency in their supply chain; they want regular tracking updates.

They can’t plan for the future because they’re always reacting to transportation issues.

Here at AM Transport, we’ve been providing consistent, reliable truckload freight services for over 30 years. We get to know the manufacturers and distributors we work with so we can make sure to match them with the best truck for their particular freight. We make all the necessary appointments, find the right equipment, provide updates and communication before, during, and after the delivery process, pay the carrier and invoice the customers.

The folks in our office in Olney, Illinois are highly-trained logistics professionals whose expertise covers all aspects of the supply chain. And our technology is second to none, an integrated system that provides full visibility.

AMT is the leading provider of outsourced logistics in the midwest because:

We work with the best small to midsize carriers in the midwest. We have long-term relationships with these dependable, reliable, and consistent companies. They have the highest safety ratings, low driver turnover, and long business histories.

We collaborate. We are better together. It’s one of our values and it’s the way we do business. Each and every one of our team members is cross-trained in all aspects of the business, so we don’t miss a beat. Our no-fail attitude means we always find a solution.

We answer our own phones. No voicemail. No phone tree. When you call, you’ll get a live person attentive to your needs.

We have 32 years of experience working with manufacturers and distributors of all sizes in a variety of industries.

Longevity matters. We’ve been in business for 32 years, and we’re planning on making it to 100. That means, we’re not looking to make a quick buck; we’re in it for the long haul.

Finally, we have superior technology. But even with the best technology, we know that people are at the heart of the logistics business.

Consistent capacity and great rates!

If you’re looking for consistent capacity and great rates, give us a call today.