Supply keeping you up at night?

Losing Sleep Due to Supply Chain Worries?

“Don’t try to solve serious matters in the middle of the night.”  Philip K. Dick

We all do it, don’t we?  Go to bed with worries in our mind. For some of us, that monkey keeps us up all night. And we worry the same thread for hours. For others, and I fall into this category, we fall asleep just fine. But then the dog barks or thunder claps or an ill-hung picture falls from the wall and clatters to the floor, and I’m wide awake. And that’s when all the worry begins.

For folks in the manufacturing business the last several years have been rife with worries. The COVID pandemic and the ensuing shutdowns put everyone behind. From employee absences due to illness to a lack of employees due to fear of illness, manufacturers were hit hard from the very beginning, and supply chain issues kept the pressure on. 

Lack of raw materials, lack of warehousing space, lack of trucks and drivers, high rates, equipment failures–the list goes on and on, and I bet there were days or weeks where these worries kept you up at night. 

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s just how important a smoothly running supply chain is–not just to our businesses, but to the economy at large. We simply cannot do without the men and women who drive trucks, route trucks, find trucks, and make sure your freight is picked up and delivered on time.

You don’t have to lose sleep over your supply chain.

In today’s world, there are enough uncertainties and worries to keep you up at night. From new variants of the virus to conflicts at home and abroad, we have lots to think about. So why add your supply chain to this list? When you find the right freight broker, you can say goodbye to your worries. But let’s be clear–it’s hard to find the right freight broker. Freight brokers don’t always have the best reputation, do they?

Here at AM Transport, we pride ourselves on being a different kind of freight broker. First of all we’ve been in business for almost 33 years. We’ve built a great reputation in the logistics industry because we’re honest, hard-working, and consistent. “Do the right thing,” has been our motto from the very beginning. When you work with us, you don’t have to worry about a lack of trust or respect. And our Google and DAT reviews are a testament to the great work we do.

In addition, we have a core group of carriers we’ve been working with for over 30 years. They’re reliable, consistent, and safe. They’ve got great equipment, long-term drivers, and high safety ratings. And they don’t work with just anyone. They’re small-to-midsize businesses who prefer to work with AM Transport–we take care of all the paperwork and technology, offer quick pay, and answer our phones 24/7, so they can do what they do best, pickup and deliver freight safely and on-time.

We work under the radar. What does that mean? We simplify things for you and your company. We take care of the paperwork, the tracking, the insurance, and the invoicing. We have a portal you can access anytime during the shipping process for a variety of updates. 

And we have the best team of logistics experts in the transportation business. They’re highly trained in all aspect of the freight brokerage business. And they’re ability to communicate keeps you in the know from before your freight ships to after it’s delivered.

You see, the folks on our team answer our phones. You’ll never get a voicemail (because we don’t have one) or a phone tree asking you to punch your way to the right person. We know you don’t have time for that nonsense. Our job is to make sure you don’t have to worry during the day or when you wake up at night.

If you’d like to stop worrying and get back to business as usual, now’s the time to find the right freight broker. Give us a call at AM Transport, and start getting the good night’s rest you deserve and need.