International Roadcheck 2022

International Roadcheck 2022: Should You Be Worried?

What is International Roadcheck?

Each year, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance puts on a 72-hour commercial vehicle inspection blitz. This year the enforcement event will take place Tuesday, May 17 through May 19. 

If you’re not an experienced carrier, you might not know that during the inspection, commercial motor vehicles are pulled over for spot inspections. Each year, the inspection focuses on one particular area, and this year the inspection will focus on wheel-end compliance (wheels, hubs, and tires). 

During International Roadcheck, inspectors conduct the North American Standard Level I  Inspection. This is a 37-step procedure “that includes an examination of driver operating requirements and vehicle mechanical fitness. Steps 15 and 18 focus specifically on the wheels, rims and hubs of a commercial motor vehicle.”

Inspectors will be  be checking for: cracks or unseated locking rings; bent, cracked, or broken rims; loose, broken, missing or damaged wheel end fasteners; proper inflation, cuts and bulges on all tires; exposed fabric or cord; debris between tires; and numerous other violations you can find here.

Should you be worried about your supply chain during the inspection blitz?

Are you working with an honest freight broker and carriers you can trust? If not, International Roadcheck can disrupt the smooth operation of your supply chain. During International Roadcheck 2021, “inspectors had to remove 6,710 commercial vehicles and 2,080 drivers from the roadways due to out-of-service violations.” In addition, inspectors “removed 5,048 vehicles and 1,200 drivers due to the discovery of critical vehicle or driver inspection item violations.”

The threat of receiving a citation or an out-of-service violation will keep lots of trucks off the road from May 17 through May 19. Carriers with less than stellar equipment and/or drivers will decide to just sit out the three days rather than risk it. If you’re using any of these carriers, you’ll be in trouble. But that’s not the only problem. What if your freight is on a truck or with a driver that fails inspection? Same problem. Your freight is stuck, your customers are angry, and you’re losing money.

You don’t have to worry when you work with AMT!

When you work with AM Transport Services, you don’t have to worry about International Roadcheck 2022 because we work with the best small to midsize carriers in the business. Their drivers are experienced professionals with long careers. Their equipment is superior and they all have the highest safety ratings as well as on-time pickup and delivery percentages.

Simply put, they’re better than the average carrier. And they like working with AMT because we have better than average customers and freight.

If you’re worried about supply chain disruption any time of the year, give us a call today!