We can't wait for the new splash park!

Have you heard about the Splash Park project?

The team at AMT is community-focused. Our team members coach little league, girls softball, basketball, and soccer. They volunteer as mentors for the CEO program at the highschool. They sit on a variety of city boards and donate their time to the 5th block program at the middle school. We’re proud of and love our community and that’s why we made a donation to Project Community’s Splash Park Project.

What is Project Community?

Founded in 2019, Project Community was an effort by a group of community-minded folks to keep the fund-raising forces in Richland County going strong after the retirement of a few big fund-raising events. I talked to RCDC Director, Lauren McClain, who’s on this committee and she explained how it came about. “We wanted the ability to choose where our funds went and to focus on one project until its completion, and that’s how the name “Project Community” came about.”

Artist Rendering of Splash Park

 And their first project is the new Splash Park. “We really wanted a space where ALL kids (and kids at heart) could enjoy one another . . . and who doesn’t love water on a hot day?” Lauren explained. “And it was important to many of us on the committee that the space be completely accessible and free!”

Artist rendering of Splash Park

The new Splash Park

Groundbreaking on the new Splash Park happened mid-May and the estimated completion date has the park functioning Spring 2023. And it looks like it’s going to be so cool. It will be located at Musgrove Park, adjacent to Musgrove Aquatic Center, accessible to all children and adults, and free. And the Project Community folks are getting close to reaching their financial goal. Although McClain stresses that construction costs and maintenance can make that goal a bit of a moving target. In other words, they are still looking for donations.

Artist rendering of Splash Park

What can you do?

If you would like to support the Splash Park Project, you can mail a check to the address below. Project Community is also happy to offer a “Pledge Program” for this great project. For up to two years, you can pledge a certain dollar amount per month. Additionally, Project Community can automatically debit your bank account if that is preferable. Please send your donation and the information below to: Project Community, 1702 Coyote Crossing, Olney, IL 62450 

Individual(s) or Business Name:______________________________________________________ Phone:_________________________________

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Contribution or Pledge Amount:__________________ If you would like automatic payments, please complete the section below:

Bank Name:_______________________________ Routing Number:________________________ Number of Months:___________________

Bank Account Number:________________________ Preferred Monthly Draw Date (circle one): 1 15 28

I authorize Project Community to automatically deduct my monthly pledge amount from my bank account referenced above.

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Project Community is a 501(c)(3), Not-for-profit entity. Donation letters are available upon request.