You can work with the best carriers.

Work with the best carriers by following five simple steps.

What makes a good carrier?

Premium carriers are hard to find. So what separates a good carrier from a superior carrier? First of all, most premium carriers have been around awhile. They have long business histories and long-time drivers. We can’t stress enough how important those long-time drivers are. They’re experienced and they are probably satisfied and well-compensated in their jobs. That means they’re more conscientious and have higher safety ratings and on-time pickup and delivery percentages. Simply put, these are the small to midsize companies you want to work with.

If you want to work with superior carriers follow these five simple steps.

  • Be transparent. Nothing beats honesty and respect. Truck drivers need to know exactly how long it will take them to get in, get loaded (or unloaded) and get back out. They are bound by hours of service (HOS) rules that dictate exactly how much time they can spend on the road every day. If you’re honest and respect a driver’s time, you’ll be more likely to have the opportunity to work with that driver and their company again.
  • Be available. Do you answer your own phones? Do you take after-hours calls? Trucking companies and drivers are working around the clock to make certain your freight is picked up and delivered on time. Your availability makes their job so much easier.
  • Quick Pay. If you don’t offer quick pay, you might want to look into it. Many small trucking companies need operating funds. Waiting 30-90 days just doesn’t work for them. 
  • Detention Pay. If you hold up a driver at pickup or delivery, you put them behind schedule. Remember, they’re operating under strict guidelines that dictate how much time they can spend on the road. Paying detention is the right thing to do. 
  • Outsourced logistics. The best way to ensure you are working with premium carriers in the midwest is to outsource your logistics to a freight broker with an experienced team. A good freight broker can help you navigate ever-changing government regulations while introducing you to carriers uniquely qualified to haul your freight.

The Team at AMT

If you want to work with the best carriers in the midwest, the team at AMT can help. We’ve been helping manufacturers work with the best carriers for 33 years and counting. The team here knows the importance of honesty and respect as well as 24/7/365 days a year communication. We offer quick pay and detention pay because it’s the right thing to do.

If you’re ready to stop worrying about your freight and start working with carriers you can count on, give the team at AMT a call.