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Connected Communication: AM Transport Superior Logistics Service

In our world of increasingly “disconnected” communication, it’s critical that we fill the gaps between what we see and say. It shouldn’t be surprising, but it’s really about connecting, genuinely, as human beings. – David Brock

Too often, most of us think posting on social media, sending regular text messages, and writing long, detailed emails keeps us connected with others.  That we’re performing our duties as friends when we text that Happy Birthday message or send that electronic card. It works the same way in the logistics business too. Freight brokers often believe they’re providing great customer service when they send emails notifying of a shipment’s pickup and delivery or inquiring about a specific piece of business.

But are we connected?

Probably not. The truth is we can’t learn anything from a message we push–other than what’s in that message. Think about it. How often have you misread someone’s demeanor? It’s just hard to have a true conversation–one that allows for fluid questions, time for digging deeper, learning where we can really help–in an email or a text message.  Those mediums do not allow us to get to know one another, to find out why and how someone thinks, or to understand their philosophies and what makes them tick.

If we’re not participating in true human interaction, we’re losing out on these benefits. And when we do that, we’re definitely shirking our responsibilities in our personal lives, but what about our professional lives? If we’re not connecting with others, what are we doing? 

Connected Communication

Ask Google what it means to connect with someone. You’ll find out that Connecting with others is a sense of being open and available to another person, as you feel they are open and available to you. Other ingredients of human connection are empathy and compassion–we feel goodwill towards the person we are connecting with.

Listen, we’re all guilty of falling into the technology trap of communicating. And that’s exactly what it is–communicating. But it’s one-way communication, and here at AM Transport Services, we believe in two-way communication, and that requires connection. You might call it connected communication.

Here at AMT, we know it’s our job to find out where we can help the customers and carriers we work with, where we can add value, while at the same time inviting others to make us better. It takes discipline and deliberate action. It requires us to take time to talk to customers, to take meetings with new providers, to reach out to old friends. There’s no technology, no social media platform, no communication tool that can take the place of that connection. They’re simply tools.

We answer our own phones.

To connect is to be human. And it’s what we do best. Give us a call, you’ll find out that we answer our own phones. We don’t believe in voicemail or phone trees. You don’t have the time to punch your way up a phone tree or wait for an answering service to connect you with the AMT team member you need to talk with. But more importantly, it’s one way we connect with the folks we work with day in and day out. And that means something to us.

So if you’re ready to connect with a logistics provider who will get to know you and your unique transportation needs, give us a call today. Experience connected communication, the AMT way! We’re a different kind of broker.