Jessica Ebeling

Meet the Team: Jessica Ebeling

It’s a new year, and we have a new team member to introduce today. Jessica Ebeling is a new customer service representative. She started at AM Transport November 28, so she’s been here a little over a month, but is already into the swing of things!

How did you end up at AM Transport Services?

I actually have a background in transportation here in Olney. I heard about AM Transport and thought I would look into it a little more. Just looking at the Facebook page made me smile thinking how nice the atmosphere seemed to be. I was looking to work for a family-focused company that was involved in the community. One that makes you feel like home, since that’s where you spend most of your time. I took a chance, applying online and was pleased to be given the opportunity to join this amazing work environment. It’s definitely a place I plan to stay!

What did you do before working at AMT?

I have a pretty big background in customer service from retail and insurance billing to logistics. I worked for a company contracted out of Orlando, Florida, for nine years working insurance and self-pay accounts for the hospital in Lawrenceville. With smaller towns struggling, the hospital partnered with a larger facility and moved their billing to a larger, centralized location. This move eliminated my position. I wasn’t sure what to do with myself, but took a chance and applied for a transportation coordinator position at the Walmart DC here in Olney. I had always been interested in trucking since my Dad drove a truck for years. I was offered the position and quickly learned the pros and cons of the truck driving environment. It definitely helped me to see things from a driver’s perspective. After about a year, I struggled with working the weekend shift. It was affecting my home life quite a bit. This is when I saw the opportunity at AM Transport, and now I’m happy to spend more free time with my family.

What do you do at AMT?

I’m a customer service representative. I have just recently begun working accounts on my own (of course, with a little help from my awesome teammates). I’m catching on pretty quickly from shadowing others. I love reaching out to customers to see what load we will be able to help move and to offer competitive rates.


Beer or wine? I’m definitely a wine drinker! I like to have a glass a couple of nights a week just to relax and unwind. Although beer isn’t a bad choice when we are out with friends. It tends to bring out the karaoke and dancing Jessica . . . not sure all would want to hear or see that. LOL

What kind of wine? Sweet red wines are my favorite. Pretty in Pink from Tuscan Hills Winery in Effingham has bee my go-to for a while, but I recently discovered a new favorite. This is also a sweet wine with a watermelon/grapefruit mix from the winery in French Lick. Crazy enough, it’s name is also Pretty in Pink! Maybe that is what got me to try it. And bonus . . . it is inexpensive.

Skittles or M&Ms? M&Ms for sure! Chocolate is a huge weakness of mine. If you throw in caramel, that’s a whole new ball game.

Music? I actually like a little bit of everything. I always remember my mom having the radio playing while she cleaned the house, so I’ve heard a lot of the classics. If I’m in the mood for a little background while driving or just something to unwind to, it would have to be today’s country. I love me a little Morgan Wallen and Cody Johnson.

Television show? I don’t watch a lot of TV, but I did stumble across the Virgin River series on Netflix a couple months ago. I’m not ashamed to say I binge-watched it within two weeks and I’m anxiously awaiting the new season to drop! I’m a big fan of the love drama.

Movie? PS I Love You will always be a favorite of mine. It doesn’t matter how many times I watch it, I always cry like a baby.

Performer? Oh my goodness . . . hands down, Kevin Hart! He is such an amazing comedian and actor. I saw him live a few years ago in Indianapolis, and I left the venue sore from laughing so much! He puts on an amazing show and will even have you in tears. I highly recommend going to one if you ever have a chance.

Podcast? I love listening to any cold case podcast. They are definitely something that holds my interest.

Sport? If we are talking about a sport my children play, it’s definitely soccer. I love the energy and work they put into it and the constant movement necessary to keep up with the game. Both of my boys are big soccer fans! If I had to pick a favorite professional sport, it would be baseball. I love the atmosphere of the baseball stadium and of course the time of the year! We try to attend as many games as we can throughout the summer.

Sports team? St. Louis Cardinals all the way.

Color? Purple! If I can find it in purple, I’ve got to have it!

Power Ranger? I haven’t watched the power rangers since I was a kid. I always fought with my friend on who would be the pink or yellow ranger (because, you know back then it mattered who was who, lol). We, of course, had to pick the girls because they were just as tough as the boys.

What do you think about when you are alone in the car?

I honestly use the car as my unwind time. It’s typically when I think about what I can do for everyone or what things I can do to make things better. I’m a terrible over-thinker, so it helps me to clear my mind. I also use the time to reach out to my family, to call and check on them from time to time. Homelife gets a little busy as soon as I am in the driveway, so I feel like the drive home is the perfect time to reach out.

If you could be any animal in the world what would you choose?

That’s a hard one. I know it’s random, but I’d have to say a white fox. They’re so cute and fluffy. Foxes in general seems to have playful personalities, but you still have to approach them with caution. Maybe that is me depending on how much sleep I get.

Tell us about your family.

I have two sons. Braedyn who just officially became a teenager on January 2nd, **Wish Me Luck** and Carter, my six-year-old wild child. Both of them have such big hearts, but two different personalities. Braedyn is more of an observer, where you will catch Carter right in the middle of the action. I have been dating my boyfriend for a little over 3 years and I still ask myself how he handles my split personalities on a daily basis. Just kidding, we are best friends and came into each other’s lives during a time we needed it most.

Best Christmas gift ever received and/or given?

I’d have to say one of the best gifts I’ve ever received would be a silver chain necklace from my boys that says mom. They picked it out themselves and were so proud and happy to give it to me. It’s something I will always cherish along with their reactions.

I’d have to say the best gift I have ever given would be the Playstation 4 I gave my oldest son. I wouldn’t say it was necessarily the gift, but the story behind it. I was a single mom struggling, going to college full-time and working a full-time job on top of keeping the house bills paid. My son asked for the Playstation because all of his friends were talking about it and the new hot game they were playing. This was the year Walmart brought back layaway, but I hadn’t seen a Playstation 4 in stock at our local Walmart until one day I went in and found one on the shelf. I was able to put it on layaway and make payments on so I could afford it and pay it off. Christmas morning when my son opened it, you could just see the excitement on his face. He was so overwhelmed he didn’t know how to react. He was so appreciative to get the gift and to know his Mom had worked hard to make sure he got one. I love seeing the reactions from my kids, so they will always make my Christmas worth it.

What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to you recently?

I can’t say I’ve had anything too funny happen recently, but I did have a moment of embarrassment at one of the middle school basketball games. I had just walked outside from the game and Carter was walking a bit ahead of me. I told him to watch what he was doing and to be careful where he stepped because it was dark out. I no sooner got the words out of my mouth that I stepped off the curb, lost my footing, and fell flat on my back. I just lay there for a moment in shock when Carter came up to me and said, “Mom, are you okay? You should have been more careful.” It was pretty comical since I had literally just told him to watch what he was doing. At least he didn’t just leave me lying there alone.

If someone gifted you an elephant, what would you do with it?

Oh, I would love an elephant. They are so big, but look like they have such sweet personalities. I would definitely use it as my transportation source for running errands (rather than a golf cart). I mean, who wouldn’t want to show off an elephant!

What are your thoughts on garden gnomes?

Honestly, they kind of creep me out. I have watched a couple of movies in which garden gnomes come to life, and now I think of them as little evil people living in the yard.

What’s your super power?

I’m a fixer. I love to give advice and suggestions to others to help them make a decision or just to help their mental state. I like to put others before myself and strive to see them happy. I’ve been through a lot and can give my fair share of advice if anyone is able to grow from it.

How do you recharge after a long day or week at work?

My daily routine after work is to immediately change into comfy clothes! I kick my shoes off and pull my hair up and kick back in the chair for a few minutes to regroup. I usually try to take the kids out for a bit to get some fresh air. After work on Fridays are usually the same with a glass of wine. When the weather is nicer, we grill out quite a bit or just sit out back on the patio. We bought a projector last spring, and like to have movie nights with the kids on the back of the house. It seems to be a huge hit, even with the neighbors. We are big fans of just sitting around a fire and chatting with friends, and we easily lose track of time. We are all outdoor people, so any time outside we can soak in, we take advantage of it.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Not to worry about what people think of you. People will always talk whether or not they have a reason to. Put yourself and your family first and what makes you happy should be your priority–not what makes others happy. My dad gave me this advice a couple of years ago while I was going through a hard time. He’s definitely the one I turn to for advice.