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The Benefits of a Healthy Hive

We’re all in this together.

How many times have you heard that phrase over the past couple of years?

During the pandemic, the phrase was a balm to everyone who felt so isolated during shutdowns and stay-at-home orders. During times of inclement weather–hurricanes, tornados, blizzards–we say it in solidarity with everyone affected. When wars rage on in other countries, we say it to bolster the people on the front lines and those who are displaced. 

But the concept–that we’re all in this together–has been around for a long time. Think about it; Marcus Aurelius, who died in 180 AD, famously wrote, That which is not good for the bee-hive cannot be good for the bees. Which is certainly a forerunner of the modern day, we’re all in this together.

Unfortunately, the phrase is said so often and is such a part of our modern vernacular, we often don’t think about what it means. But it’s important, now more than ever. It’s important to remember life isn’t a zero-sum game. That we can and must work together. We’re connected as individuals, as businesses, and as a larger society. We need one another to succeed, to build our economy and our larger ecosystem.

Here at AM Transport, we have a team ecosystem. Our team members support and elevate each other by living the credo–the more you give, the more you receive in return. It’s a mindset that informs how we do business with our customers and carriers. Value MUST exist for both parties because one-sided relationships are unhealthy and lead to service failures, stress, and the loss of money and time.

This bee-hive mindset also thrives in the organizations we lean on and contribute to like the Small Giants and the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association. Over the past couple of years, we’ve received support in navigating the upheaval caused by the pandemic and subsequent events. In return, we do our best to share our expertise, time, and talent by attending conferences, sponsoring events, participating in peer groups, or serving on committees. 

In addition, we take full advantage of forming relationships with others participating in these organizations. Building relationships and friendships is at the heart of creating bonds that foster the sharing of ideas and best practices while being available to lend a helping hand when needed.

We really all are in this together. And what a relief that is. When you work with AM Transport Services, you can be assured that you’re gaining the expertise and support of a team that knows we all succeed together.