Fred Rogers: Won't You Be My Neighbor

The Right Way to Do Business

It’s hard to believe that Fred Rogers, known to millions of children and their parents as Mister Rogers, died  twenty years ago on February 27, 2003. That kindly man, who donned a cardigan every day in Mister Rogers neighborhood, left behind a legacy of thought-provoking ideas dependent on foundational kindness.

The above quote is simple–a reminder to be our best selves at all times. The gist is pretty clear–be mindful of your interactions with others and the parts of yourself you leave behind.

In business, and in life, most of us have to attend a few meetings now and again (and if not formal meetings, informal gatherings or get-togethers). Mister Rogers reminds us to think about our participation. What kind of impression am I leaving here? Am I prepared? Do I show genuine interest in others and their ideas, or am I intent on getting my own point across? 

Mister Rogers reminds us that a meeting can be a powerful thing. The people around that meeting table are offering up their most valuable resource—time. And time is one resource that isn’t renewable.

Here at AM Transport, we take that one step further. We’re not only mindful of the meetings we have with our customers and carriers, but we strive to bring our best selves to every engagement or interaction we have. As freight brokers, we know that positively connecting with others is at the heart of what we do.