We keep it simple!

How to simplify your life with one call.

How many phone calls do you make (or take) a day?

If you’ve got freight to ship, you’re probably making (and taking) more calls than you can count. Just shipping one load of freight means multiple calls, right? 

You have to call around to find a reliable carrier and then negotiate a rate that doesn’t break your budget. And depending on the day and the market, this could take forever.

Once you’ve got the carrier, you’ll have to arrange a pick up time for your freight.

Then, you have to communicate with your customer about when your shipment is going to arrive at their facility. 

Then it’s back and forth between customer and carrier as your freight is picked up and delivered. Your customer wants to know where their freight is as it travels, and that means you have to be in touch with the truck driver along the way.

If nothing goes wrong, you’re in for a lot of phone time. And if something does go wrong–well, you’re on the phone all day long and after hours.

And that’s just for one shipment.

What if you could simplify the process so you only had to make one phone call per shipment?

It would be crazy not to, right?

When  you work with AM Transport, you call our team, and we take care of the rest. We find the right carrier for your freight; we make the pickup and delivery appointments, we stay in contact with the truck driver and with your customer to make sure everyone is in the know. 

Go ahead and make that call today.