We're better together!

Working Together Works

Last Monday, it felt like spring. The sun was out, the temperature hit the low 70s. And here in Olney, a lot of kids were bugging their parents to wear shorts to school.

And then a week later, it snowed. 

Not for long, but for about ten minutes, we had a full-on snow shower. It was slightly irritating to most of us. Unless you, like those kids who wore shorts to school a week earlier, were able to pause and really experience the world as it is right now.

It’s that way in our professional lives too, right? Most of us walk through our places of work and see only the transactions occurring, the emails being sent, the problems arising (and being taken care of).

But what happens if we hit pause? What happens when we take a minute to stop and look around?

Here at AMT, you’ll see people talking and communicating and cultivating relationships. Both in-house and with the customers and carriers we are so lucky to work with. You’ll see people working together towards a common goal. And those struggles (those unexpected spring freezes), well, you’ll see our team learning from them to grow stronger and wiser.

Life is unpredictable for sure. But when we stop to take a good look around and enjoy what’s happening at the moment, we realize we’re all in this together.

And that’s the best part of all.