We're looking forward to spring!

Spring has sprung, and boy are we ready!

Spring has been coming on for a few weeks now. Here in Olney, the Redbuds and Crabapple trees are in full bloom and the tiny flowers of the Dogwood trees will open up in a day or two. The tulips, in a rainbow of colors, are budding and creeping phlox in pink, purple, and white creates a carpet of color everywhere you look. After a long, cold winter, we’re all glad for sunshine, longer days, and the rebirth spring always brings.

One of my favorite things to do when the weather turns warm enough is to leave my window open, so the first thing I hear in the morning is bird song. It’s just one of the many reasons I love spring. I asked the rest of the team to share what they were looking forward to this spring.

Working in the garden and grilling out.

~Katrina Marshall

I love spring time! I am looking forward to being able to play outside with my girls, long walks every day, planting all the flowers. (I absolutely love my landscaping full of beautiful flowers.)

~Autumn Carmody

Warmer walks, play dates at the park, eating lunch outside, driving with the windows down. I was thinking about Easter egg hunts on the way home the other day. To me, that symbolizes the first few steps of spring. Finding vibrant colored eggs among freshly grown grass or flowers was a huge part of my childhood.

~Kelsie Barnes

Spring brings out the beauty in nature! I’m looking forward to watching all the new blooms for the flowers and trees. We are all outsiders, so being cooped up for winter has had us counting down the days for more daylight! Since we never seem to be able to get the kids inside during the spring/summer months, we bought a projector for the patio. So we will play all day, grill dinner, then sit back and watch a movie in the back yard!

~Jessica Ebeling

I’m looking forward to turning off the heat, opening up the house, and letting the fresh air in! I also can’t wait to see the kids running around and playing. We especially love sidewalk chalk, blowing bubbles, and riding bikes. Any activities, even chores, are so much better when the weather warms up.

~Donna Martin

The days are longer.

Fresh cut grass smells lovely.

Our neighborhood is spry.

~David Abell

Cardinal baseball! Need I say more?

~John “Moose” McKinney

I look forward to playing/working outside. It’s been a long winter. I want sunshine and warm weather. We have some pretty intense whiffle ball ball games in the summer at our house. It is usually the parents vs. kids. We show them no mercy! They need to learn that the world is not fair, lol!

~Colby Shawver

Baseball, golf, and enjoying the nice weather with my family.

~Erik Jensen

Grillin’ with an ice cold beer and a cigar!

~Carson Scherer

I am looking forward to getting out to the course and playing more golf!

~Ethan Rodgers

I love sitting outside in the mornings and evenings with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, enjoying the fresh air and all the sounds of nature.

~Rhonda Hazel

Sitting on the patio in the sunshine reading a good book.

~Michael McKinney