Premier Prize Profile, Donna Martin

Premier Prize Profile: Donna Martin

The March Duck Race is in the books. And the winner is Donna Martin. Donna is an integral part of the team here at AMT, and she was kind enough to play along for this month’s profile!

My most enjoyable moments on the job are when I get to know my customers better because it allows me to build relationships and ensure I am meeting their needs to the best of my abilities. We work with some of the best and coolest folks around, hands down!

Something I’m passionate about is my family because they are my whole world and my reason for pushing so hard to reach my goals. They’re also my biggest cheerleaders.

My favorite subject in high school was either Biology or Anatomy because I have always enjoyed learning about any and all living things. I also had a wonderful teacher who was passionate about learning and made every day fun! Shout out to Mr. Ed Erwin!

My favorite AMT activity is hard to name because there are so many fun things we do here! I mean what employer goes above and beyond the way AMT does?! We’ve had carry-ins, Halloween parties, family fun nights, and just recently attended a hockey game in Evansville–just to name a few.

One of my favorite things to do during my time off is spend time with my family. My kids are all at really fun ages right now: 11, 9, and 4, so we can ride bikes, play in the backyard, chalk the sidewalks, or anything that involves being outside.

If I could live anywhere in the world, I’d live right where I am. I love being close enough to see most of my family on a regular basis and that my kids are close with their cousins on both sides.

My favorite meal is a medium well steak and grilled vegetables. There is nothing better than nice weather and food cooked on the grill!

My favorite way to unwind is to read a good book. I love a book that draws you in and make you not want to do anything else until you finish it. The kind of book that takes you on an adventure and then leaves you sad when you complete it.

My favorite restaurant is the Loveless Cafe, located just outside of Nashville. It’s a great atmosphere with the best biscuits and homemade jams you’ll ever eat. Check it out!

If I could fly anywhere in the world today, I’d go somewhere warm and sunny for a beach vacation!

Someone who inspires me is my husband, Jacob. He works hard to take care of everyone and rarely complains. He sees everything as a teachable moment that can be passed on to our kids and I’m convinced h e can build and do just about anything. He’s the best!

The funniest thing that’s happened to me recently was a discussion we had earlier in the week about purchasing pig supplies in preparation for the kids’ 4H projects. I told Jacob he needed to call the pig owner and ask him all about his {water] nipples!!

My best friends call me Donna or DJ.

When I grow up I want to be just as cool as my kids. They love fearlessly and know how to always have fun.