A Logistics Team You Can Count On

Questions and Answers for Inquiring Minds

How long have you been in business?

AM Transport was founded in 1990, so we’re in our 34th year in the logistics industry. Longevity is an important indicator of a broker’s customer and carrier base. But something else to think about . . . longevity shows a broker’s ability to adapt to ever-changing regulations and technologies.

How do you keep elite carriers?

Premium carriers are the lifeblood of the trucking industry. They provide GPS tracking, have excellent pickup and delivery percentages and safety ratings, and don’t drop loads. 

We work with the best carriers in the midwest because we offer good freight, we pay carriers quickly, and we ALWAYS pay detention. But communication is important too. Here at AMT, we’re available for our carriers 24/7/365 days a year. This means we take late night and weekend phone calls.

How’s your customer retention?

Do you want to go through the hassle of finding a new logistics partner a year from now?

No way. But if a brokerage’s average customer churn is 12 months, that’s what you’re looking at. 

The truth is there’s no better indicator of innovation and commitment to customer service than happy, longtime customers. Here at AMT, we’ve been working with some of the same customers since we started out 34 years ago. We simply don’t lose customers because we’re good at what we do.

How are your Google Reviews?

They’re great. Check them out yourself.

Who’s more important? The customer or the carrier?

Watch out for any broker who tells you the customer (or the carrier) is more important. An excellent broker simply cannot conduct their business without great customers and premium carriers. Great customers have good, consistent freight, treat carriers with respect, and communicate well. Premium carriers are reliable, on-time, and provide real-time tracking and regular communication.

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