Lots can go wrong!

Is the Lowest Rate Saving You Money?

Lots of manufacturers shop for the lowest freight rate they can find. And on the surface that makes sense. Saving money is always good. Right?

Maybe not.

Lots can go wrong. Dropped loads. Damaged freight. Insurance calamities. The wrong equipment. Late deliveries. Time lost to billing, tracking lost shipments, tender rejections.

But too often, none of those “problems” are included in the quoted rate. So you’re definitely paying more than you think you are.

There is a better way.

Email us with the lane you need a quote for, and our capacity team will match you with a premium carriers and provide you with an industry leading rate.

We’ll provide you with a single point of contact, excellent communication, and the right blend of technology and customer service.

We’ll take care of the rest: scheduling appointments, tracking your freight, providing you with real-time updates, invoicing, and paperwork.

Working with the experienced team at AM Transport is the best way to save money and gain back your precious time.