You can work with the best carriers.

The Number One Reason to Work with AM Transport Services

Smaller carriers, those with fleets of one to 100 trucks, are the backbone of the trucking industry. They often have low driver turnover, excellent safety ratings and the highest on-time pick up and delivery percentages. Small and locally-owned, these businesses are run by trustworthy and fair-minded people.

The problem is (and there’s always a problem, right) you’ll have a hard time finding these premier carriers on your own.

And that’s the number one reason to work with a freight broker like AM Transport Services. Founded in 1990, AM Transport has spent the last 34 years creating long term relationships with a core group of these smaller trucking companies.

Smaller trucking companies (with fleets of one to 100 trucks) are the beating heart of the trucking industry. But they’re a lot harder to find because they don’t typically have a strong online presence or an abundance of new technologies. Instead, they’re out there doing what they do best–hauling freight.

That’s where the team at AMT comes in. We match you with the best carrier for your freight. Your load is booked, shipped, and delivered efficiently and cost-effectively. We take care of the paperwork, the communication, and offer the right technology for your unique needs.

We’re not the cheapest freight broker out there. That’s not our goal. Our goal is to offer exceptional service day in and day out. You won’t get an instant freight quote from us because we’ll take the time to make sure you’re getting the best deal. We provide you with options so we can create the best shipment every time.

And we answer our own phones. You won’t be put on hold by an automated answering system or have to punch your way through a phone tree. Call AM Transport Services and you’ll get a real, live person answering the phone in our office in southern Illinois.

If you want to work with the best carriers and the best logistics team in the midwest, give us a call, and we’ll get your freight on the road today.