A Logistics Team You Can Count On

Do you need a new logistics provider?

Here are five things to consider as you think about change.

  1. Communication skills or how well does your logistics provider communicate? How many times have you languished on hold or been unable to connect with your freight broker or carrier after-hours? The answer to this question should be NEVER. Listen, communication should be a freight broker’s super power. Good communication is essential to ensuring your freight picks up and delivers on-time, every time.
  2. Loads returned at the last minute. Yes, sometimes loads are returned. But there’s no excuse for this to be a regular occurrence. If it happens all the time, your provider is shady. They either didn’t have a truck to cover your load in the first place, or they decided to drop your freight for a higher-paying customer. 
  3. Late or missed deliveries. Missed appointments are a major hassle. It will cost you time and money and the respect of your important customers.
  4. Are you paying for technology you do not need? Logistics technology gets better every day. And it’s affordable when you’re working with the right broker committed to providing you with exactly what you need. But too often, logistics providers will sell you a load of technology you don’t need. So how do you know? Here’s what you need–an advanced TMS, a customer portal, and visibility on your freight from pickup to delivery.
  5. Company and cultural alignment. What’s important to your company? Are you committed to employee advancement? Do you have a community volunteer program? What about your company culture? Does it help you recruit the best folks? It’s important to know what is important to you and to work with like-minded companies. Check out your freight broker’s website, their company blog, their social media profiles. Do their values align with yours?

Now’s the time!

The team at AM Transport has been providing exceptional outsourced logistics to manufacturers and distributors for over 33 years. We know who we are and what we do. We keep it simple. We answer our own phones. We make it a point never to return loads. We build relationships with folks all along the supply chain to ensure we pickup and deliver your freight on-time every time. We are tech-forward but know that technology is only as good as the folks operating it, and we’re proud members of our community.

You deserve the best.