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Job Site Delivery You Can Count On

Job Site Deliveries

If you’ve been working with an inexperienced or digital broker for your job site deliveries you’re probably frustrated and underwhelmed by the service. Sure, digital brokers are cheaper. They promise great technology (an app), low prices (no real people to pay), and simplicity (you can access them on the phone, computer, iPad, etc.). It sure seems like a good deal. 

That is until you have to chase your freight down. Until you can’t get a hold of a real person for an update. Until you receive your invoice and it looks nothing like the awesome quote the app gave you. And therein lies the problem with job site deliveries (and digital brokers).

Different Requirements

Job site deliveries have a different set of requirements. You see, when you deliver to a job site, there are often accessorial charges for special equipment and other necessities, and they’re not included in the awesome quote.  

Furthermore, job site deliveries demand a higher degree of carrier vetting. Not all carriers are cut out for job site deliveries, and there’s no way you (or an app) could know this. But the expert team at AM Transport has been specializing in job site deliveries for over 30 years. We have long-term relationships with carriers who know the ins and outs of job site deliveries, as well as, warehousing managers, logistics managers, and consignees all along the supply chain.

Our team knows when special permits and equipment are needed. We understand that all job sites are different, and that’s why we make sure our carriers have knowledge of the physical details of every delivery and pickup. When we quote a job site delivery, the invoice always matches.

People Make the Difference

Technology is great. And great technology makes a freight broker’s job easier. But here’s the truth–technology is only as good as the people who are using it. Here at AM Transport, our team of career logisticians is trained to make our customers (and our carriers) lives easier.

Communication is our strength. We answer our own phones 24/7/365 days a year. You’ll never get a voicemail because we don’t have one–never have. You’ll never have to work your way up a phone tree because that’s not how we operate. When you call AM Transport, you get a real, live logistics expert on the phone.

Here’s another thing. We aren’t working remotely. We’re all in the same office in southern Illinois. That means we are able to collaborate on every single load we book. Everyone in this office is cross-trained in all aspects of the logistics business–that includes job site deliveries. You don’t have to worry if your point of contact is on lunch break because her colleague is here to help.

Best Job Site Delivery Expert in the Midwest

If you’re tired of inexperienced and digital brokers messing up your job site deliveries, you should give the team at AM Transport a call. We are the number one job site delivery team in the midwest. Don’t take our word for it, check out our Google and DAT reviews, you’ll see why the best choice for job site deliveries is AM Transport Services.