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Music is an important part of the work environment here at AM Transport. Unless we are having a meeting or the power is out, there is music in the air. Music is played over a sound system in our open office environment and as you can imagine, there are many different tastes in music (as you will see later in this post) so we leave it to our in-house DJs to choose a station for the day.

While research findings are mixed, the majority of studies suggest that music has positive effects on focus, productivity, creativity and mood [1],[2]. These effects can vary by genre so workers/companies should pay attention to what type of music might be most beneficial based on the tasks at hand. [1]

***Warning: Workplace music may lead to spontaneous dancing.


Sonos created an infographic to help determine what type of music might be best suited for particular lines of work. Take a look to find out what type of music is suggested for your job! Based on this information, AMT employees have NO restrictions since we work with both people and numbers – meaning we can rock out to whatever we please! This is good news because our team has quite the diverse taste in music. We asked them for their favorite AMT music channel, genre, or song. See their responses below the infographic. It seems that Hip Hop BBQ is a favorite!

What is your favorite AMT music channel, genre, or song?

Samantha: 90’S COUNTRY!!!   But I like anything really….

Sabrina: I’m all over the place: Country – new or old. Anything that plays 90’s or early 2000’s such as Seether, Godsmack, Evanescence etc…Hip Hop BBQ

Hillary: 90s Country- Dixie Chicks, Shania Twain, Faith Hill, etc. ANYTHING BRETT ELDREDGE (and I would always point out when one of his songs came on) *she also claims to have held hands with him

Corey: If we could just smash together 90’s, rap, and whatever is playing today. *I want to clarify that when I say “rap”, I am not referring to Lil Wayne, Soulja Boy, 2 Chainz, Vanilla Ice… it’s a long, long list.

Laura: What about Rock me Amadeus? That hasn’t played in FOREVER! And I may be the only one, but I like country. I’m also not picky, and like pretty much anything that plays

Chad: (who has named a rap station after himself) I feel like Chip Radio is more of the newer rap. I like the 90’s though too and the country.

Bert: Hip Hop BBQ ( Plays older rap like Bone thugs and 2Pac ) Summer hits of the 90’s is my second. ( Green Day, Oasis, )

Colby: Im going to jump on with Bert the Hip Hop BBQ was pretty darn good yesterday!

Moose: i like 80-90s   kurt cobain would be great

Brett: Little bit of everything except hard rock

Stephanie: 00’ alternative, linkin park radio

Justin: The station that plays a bunch of AC/DC, sorry Andrea!

Andrea: Clearly not a fan of AC/DC

Jimi: Classic rock, 90’s alternative, and outlaw country.

Erik: Well it doesn’t play here, but anything Frank Ocean!

Connor: Hip Hop BBQ Pandora station

Jordan: Creed Radio

Jesse: Rock me Amadeus

[1] Arnold, Grayson. 2012. Working Tunes: What You Should Listen to on the Job.

[2] Boyd, Stowe. 2013. Does music help us work better and more creatively? 

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