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Embracing Change

By Jordan Pottorff, CTB

Have you ever heard the phrase “change is a good thing”? Chances are you have and I’m sure it was met with some form of hesitance as the vast majority of us don’t like to venture out of our comfort zone and embrace something new. It’s human nature.

Well, I’m a person who has battled change – both for it and against it – in the past and has worked to embrace it throughout my personal and professional life. At AM Transport and in the transportation industry as a whole, change is coming and change is coming fast. We all know about the upcoming ELD mandate and other trends starting to gain momentum in our industry, but it’s easier to look at massive change within an industry that the national media is reporting on than looking in-house for changes that could boost company morale, communication, energy, production, and even the bottom line.

Just in the last week we have shuffled the makeup of our “teams” in the office. We all work together as one well-oiled machine but nearly everyone in the office moved to a different desk and will be working alongside a different set of people to accomplish what’s always been our goal, which is to provide the best customer service in the industry. Gone is Team Charlie, gone is Team Phoenix and soon we will be saying goodbye to a trusty communication tool and a key software piece that’s been a mainstay in the company since I joined in 2015. This isn’t admitting failure or trying to provide a “shock factor” to everyone in the building. To me it’s about striving to be better than we already are and recognizing the positives change can create to reach our full potential as a company.    

As part of the sales team at AM Transport I can’t tell you how many times we have embraced change. We’ve changed things up in a way to attract new business and carve out a niche in this ultra-competitive industry. We have had various marketing and email campaigns, we have switched up our packets that are stuffed full of company information, we have targeted new industries, we have focused on new territory and we have done nearly everything in between.  We believe diverting away from what worked in the past and embracing something new is what keeps us hungry and ahead of the curve.

So, shake things up, put yourself in an uncomfortable situation, try something different before you’re left wondering what went wrong. Embrace it!

After all, change is a good thing.

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