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No-Hassle Logistics Planning and Scheduling

Logistics scheduling taking too much of your precious time? Let our logistics route planning, scheduling expertise, and advanced software take control so you can get back to doing what you do best!

Logistics Planning and Scheduling: The Easy Way

It’s simple. At AMT we know trucking; we’ve cultivated relationships with carriers, production and logistics managers, and consignees and delivery site folks for 30 years. Our ability to communicate with people all along your supply chain gives you a unique advantage.


We use our extensive knowledge of pickup and delivery to plan routes and schedule appointments that can be made on-time. Our logistics scheduling expertise saves you time and money!


Idle trucks are a waste of money…especially when they could be put to good use out on the road. Our software helps you make the most of the trucks you have!

Customized Shipping

Using advanced software and deep knowledge, we create tailored plans for your supply chain and optimize routes for efficiency.  This saves both fuel and money!


Our scheduling technology tracks drive-time. A driver’s available hours are more important than ever with the enforcement of electronic logging devices.

GPS and Geofencing

Our technology automates tracking and provides hard data used to remove bottlenecks and resolve issues before they occur.

Easy Freight Scheduling and So Much More

You have important work to do! Let the logistics schedulers at AMT plan and schedule your shipments for optimum efficiency. We offer these advantages:


With over 30 years experience, we utilize our extensive knowledge of
truckingdistances and
routingalong with our logistics scheduling software to plan efficient routes and schedule appropriate delivery appointments.


We know delivery sites and facilities, so we ask questions you might not think about! How difficult is it to bring a truck in? Do they operate on a first come/first serve basis? Are the roads paved? Are they appointment oriented?

Problem Solving

We utilize a high-touch model, and that means that we can identify problems and correct before your supply chain is disrupted. Our ability to predict, adjust, and make critical decisions keeps your freight on schedule.


Information is key! Our freight management software creates automatic updates, so you always know when your freight is picked up and when it is delivered. This gives you peace of mind, and that means you can work on what you do best.

Want to focus on your tasks? Contact us to take your burden of transportation!