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{The Final:98}
{The Final:108}
{The Final:116}
{The Final:124}
{The Final:132}
{The Final:141}
{The Final:149}
{The Final:158}
{The Final:166}
{The Final:101}
{The Final:109}
{The Final:117}
{The Final:125}
{The Final:133}
{The Final:142}
{The Final:150}
{The Final:159}
{The Final:167}
{The Final:102}
{The Final:110}
{The Final:118}
{The Final:126}
{The Final:134}
{The Final:143}
{The Final:151}
{The Final:160}
{The Final:168}
{The Final:103}
{The Final:111}
{The Final:119}
{The Final:127}
{The Final:135}
{The Final:144}
{The Final:152}
{The Final:161}
{The Final:169}
{The Final:104}
{The Final:112}
{The Final:120}
{The Final:128}
{The Final:136}
{The Final:145}
{The Final:153}
{The Final:162}
{The Final:170}
{The Final:105}
{The Final:113}
{The Final:121}
{The Final:129}
{The Final:138}
{The Final:146}
{The Final:154}
{The Final:163}
{The Final:171}
{The Final:106}
{The Final:114}
{The Final:122}
{The Final:130}
{The Final:139}
{The Final:147}
{The Final:155}
{The Final:164}
{The Final:172}
{The Final:107}
{The Final:115}
{The Final:123}
{The Final:131}
{The Final:140}
{The Final:148}
{The Final:157}
{The Final:165}
{The Final:173}

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But you seriously picked this guy? I would have gone for someone a bit more athletic. Someone with the heart of a lion. Someone…I mean, there’s always a chance that the weird looking one could win this….You did look at the pictures right? I guess there’s always that underdog spark.


We’ll let you know if your predictions were correct. Good luck!