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Swings and Misses: AMT Hits the Links

Written By Erik Jensen CTB

Here at AM Transport, we have a number of fun events and gatherings, but my personal favorite is our annual golf outing. This year’s outing took place last Friday (8/18) at Richland Country Club and didn’t disappoint!

Golf balls flew everywhere and laughs rumbled all over course. The outing is such a great time it’s easy to forget the hard work and the heightened anticipation in the office the week before the event.

Here is a quick pre-golf-outing primer.

Q: Who plans the event?
A: Hillary and Rob do the lion’s share of the work in making the event come together.

Q: Who takes part in the event? 
A: Employees of A.M. Transport and their spouses. This year we had 8 teams and 33 participants.

Q: How are the teams decided?
A: No one truly knows how the teams are decided, and this remains one of the big mysteries in the AMT office. We all want to know who this year’s teammates will be, but we aren’t informed until the Friday Morning Meeting. At this point, the anticipation level has peaked and we are all ready to roll. The most difficult thing for some of us (yours truly) is getting through the rest of the day!

Q: What takes place at the golf course?
A: Well, golf of course, duh! Most of us arrived at Richland Country Club a little after 5 PM and we hit the links at 5:30. Each golf cart came with a cooler full of cold beverages and a boatload (guess I should have said “cartload”) of fun. Once we finished up on the course we all met in the pavilion to share pizza and horror stories from our round on the course.

Q: Who won?
A: After a bit of debate, it seems that Team One ( Michael, Heath, Hillary and Brittany) came away with the victory. Team Three (Coach “Old Eric”, David, Connor and Alyicia) claimed to finish their round nine under par, but no one believed them, rightfully. Coach’s teams have a tendency to fib just a bit.

All in all, the golf outing is a great time. It gives us a chance to hang out after work and cut back while doing it. Anticipation for next year’s event is building already!

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