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The Working Mom and her Two Jobs

Written by Steph

If you are a mom, you are a working mom. It’s a full-time job. But some moms also work out of the home because we want to or need to. Having a career is complicated by motherhood, even when you love your non-Mom job as much as I do.

My mom-job begins when the alarm starts starts its annoying beep at 530 AM.

How lovely it would be if I could just get ready for work, but I can’t. I have to allow extra time for my daughter to complain about waking up, to decide what clothes are appropriate for her social life, to choose between PopTarts or eggs. If school is in session, this process is further complicated by homework that might be lost or unfinished, lunches that need to be made or paid for, and transportation which is usually, you guessed it—the Mom! Oh, what I wouldn’t give for an extra 15 minutes of sleep.

Let’s not forget about daycare. Who hasn’t had to drag a reticent child to daycare with a child or two hanging on the legs, screaming not to be left? I’ve been there, done that. And all before 7AM. It’s no wonder that half the time, I walk out the door remembering all the stuff I have forgotten. If you have kids, there are always papers to be filled out and turned in!

When I arrive at AM Transport, I’ve already worked a half-day! I love my career, and I put everything I have into my work day—including using my lunch hour to pay bills, run to the grocery store for supper supplies, pop into the post office for stamps or a package, stop by the gas station for a refueling. Why would anyone use their lunch hour in such a fashion? I’ll tell you why—kids are the slowest individuals on the planet. Running errands with kids isn’t my idea of a good time. I’d rather eat a sandwich on the go.

When I leave work, I head straight for my girl with the grand hopes that she has had a good day. Rarely does she get into the car without the words, “I’m hungry.” Seriously, do kids eat all the time, or only when their moms are around? And thus begins the second half of my mom-work day. You know the drill—dinner, practices, ball games, dishes, laundry, homework, couch-time with folks you gave birth to. Did I forget yard work, housecleaning, bath time—I’m not sure this list ends.

Until bedtime, that is! Settling into sleep is a great time for me to remember all the things I wish I’d completed—texting my mother back, responding to that Snapchat from my best friend, RSVPing the birthday party next weekend and getting a birthday present. Luckily there’s always lunch hour the next day.

If you are like me, family life and a great job are worth all the sacrifices and hard work.

So a big high five to you moms out there!

You definitely deserve that glass of wine tonight!


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