Time Critical Logistics: A Blueprint for Success

Time Critical shipments have specific parameters that must be metspecialized equipment, unique handling needs, or precise pickup and delivery times. Failure to consider any one or a combination of factors can result in serious consequences for both the shipper and their customers. A shipper’s best friend is a logistics provider whose experience and expertise positions them to create custom solutions for critical freight.

Critical Logistics Solutions: Our Process for Success

1. The Plan!

Using our extensive knowledge of the transportation industry, we assess each critical shipping situation and create the best possible solution to move your time-sensitive or specialized freight to its destination exactly when it’s needed. No detail is too small for our logisticians.

2. The Execution!

We put our plan into motion with excellent communication skills. Our specialists have 30 years of experience behind them. Last year alone, we moved 10,000 critical shipments. This means we have rapport with professionals in every port along the supply chain from the logistics manager at pickup to the carrier, drivers, consignee and production managers at delivery sites.

3. The Follow-Through!

We care about your freight and utilize a high-touch model for its transport. We offer 24-hour customer service availability, real-time critical logistics tracking, and enhanced decision-making skills. Our critical freight experts have the authority to make time-sensitive decisions to ensure on-time delivery of your shipments. Your freight never leaves our sight.

Critical Freight Solutions at AM Transport Services

We love to have a little warning about your critical shipments, so we can create a plan. But the truth is we’re great at crisis loads too. With thirty years experience in the freight business, we offer a variety of customized solutions for your individual critical shipment needs.

Special Requirements

Liftgate or inside deliveries--no problem! And hot or cold--we're great with temperature-controlled freight!


We have you covered! With over 10,000 approved carriers, we create efficient transport for your freight.

Specialized Equipment

Need a simple flatbed, an oversized trailer? We have the carrier base to provide your special equipment needs.

Just-In-Time Delivery

We make sure your shipment arrives exactly when needed. Our tracking services keep you updated right to delivery.

Expedited Shipments

Last minute or next day delivery got you down? We’ve got your back. Our logisticians are expert handlers of hotshot loads.

Job Site/Trade shows

We know what it takes to deliver to job sites or trade shows. With 30 years of experience, no delivery is too difficult!

What Makes Us Different?

When critical freight is late or damaged the consequences are bigproduction stalls, installations halt, and the supply chain is broken. We understand the negative impact this has on your business. That’s why the critical freight team at AM Transport Services is the partner you need.

  • We’re great at creating customized plans for your time critical deliveries.
  • We’re even better when you need a correction. Dropped at the last minute and need a correction? We quickly assess the situation and devise a new plan!
  • We’re high-touch! Your critical freight is never out of our sight!

At AMT, we understand critical shipments and the pressure you feel to have it delivered on-time!

We Succeed ONLY When You Succeed!

At AM Transport, it’s our passion to move your critical freight. Your reputation depends on it! We succeed only when your freight is delivered undamaged and on-time. We know you rely on streamlined pickup and delivery services, the right equipment, 24-hour visibility and tracking, and excellent communication. Let us micromanage your difficult and next day freight, so you can put your time and talent where it’s most needed.

Want to focus on your tasks? Contact us to take your burden of transportation!

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