Welcome to TriumphPay

AM Transport has partnered with TriumphPay to manage your payments and payment options.

Registering with TriumphPay is simple and straightforward. Click the button below to get started, and follow the directions.

To Register:

Click the “Start Here” Button.

Enter your Company MC number and verify your account.

Fill out your carrier profile.

Create and confirm password.

  • Click the “Start Here” Button.
  • Enter your Company MC number and verify your account.
  • Fill out your carrier profile.
  • Create and confirm password.

If you have questions, please give Triumph a call at (469) 312-7222 or shoot them a note at info@triumphpay.com

Control Your Money.

It’s your money. You decide how and when you get paid.

Get Paid Now–It’s Your Money!

Don’t wait for your money! Get it now when you select QuickPay.

Multiple Payment Options

ACH, Fuel Card, Wire, EFS–get paid the way you want, when you want it.

Manage Everything From Your Phone.

The freedom to control your money is in your hands, literally!


How do I register for Triumph Pay?
  • Register for TriumphPay using this link.
  • Connect with AM Transport Services, Inc. as a broker.
  • Confirm your account be entering a registration code sent via text, email, or call. (If the info is not correct and/or the phone number is a landline to the whole office, just reach out to us and we can get the correct info put in there for you. It might take a little bit for that info to update within TriumphPay. If you don’t want to wait for that info to update, you can give TriumphPay a call at (469) 312-7222. They can help you get all set up!)
  • Select your pay terms
  • Set your default payment method
If I don’t sign up with TriumphPay, do I still get paid on time

Yes, if you do not go in and register with TriumphPay, it will default to 30 day pay terms and you will be paid via a check in the mail.

Do you offer quick pay?

Yes, we offer quick pay through TriumphPay. Quick Pay is paid within 2 business days of us receiving and approving your paperwork. Our quick pay percentage is 2%. That means that a 2% deduction is taken from your pay in order to be paid faster. Payments are made via TriumphPay using whatever method you pick. Fastest option at no extra charge is the Next Day ACH. Quick Pay must be selected as the default terms within the TriumphPay portal in order to be paid on Quick Pay terms every time.

How does QuickPay work?

Paperwork needs to be submitted to billing@shipamt.com . Our accounting team will review your invoice to ensure it is complete and accurate. Once it is “approved” by AM Transport, payment will be made via TriumphPay using the method you pick.

Can I get Quick Pay on some loads, but not all?

Yes! With TriumphPay, you can select Quick Pay on any single load. There is the option to change that at any time. In order to do this, you would sign up for Standard Pay terms (Net 30) as the default. If you want paid next business day for one specific load, then go in to the TriumphPay portal and select Quick Pay on that specific load.

  • Example: You are normally paid in standard terms, but it is around Christmas time and you need some extra cash ASAP. Just go into the TriumphPay portal and select Quick Pay on each load you want paid on ASAP. A 2% deduction will be taken from each invoice, but you will get your money the next business day.
How do I check payment status for my invoices?
If I need to contact Triumph Pay, how can I reach them?