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Truck Load and Logistics Optimization

AMT Logistics Specialists optimize your supply chain by making smarter decisions faster!

Load Optimization is Essential

Our optimization technologists study your supply chain in order to understand your network and constraints. We help you implement technology and relevant processes that reduce your time, are sensitive to carrier needs, and satisfy desired transit times and schedules.

Expert Logistics Optimization Services

Automated Tendering

Automated tendering of simple loads eliminates processing and maximizes lead time for carriers.

Time Monitoring

We monitor and reflect accurate time at stop activities (loading, unloading) into routes and mode selection.

Composite Lane Analysis

Determine the most likely carrier to accept load tender based on historical activity by lane and cost.

Continuous Move Program

Establish continuous move utilizing core carriers to eliminate empty miles for carriers and utilize network capacity.

Milk Run Routing

Develop, plan and execute low-cost, efficient routes.  Minimize mileage, reducing costs and utilizing truck resources more efficiently.

Shipment Solutions

We analyze your freight and provide the best possible mode–rail, LTL, TL, or load consolidation– to save you money.

The AMT Advantage: Our Approach to Freight Optimization


We will help you reduce time and save money by accelerating transaction speed, eliminating opportunity for error, and maximizing lead time. You will experience increased consistency, improved predictability and quality, and superior end-to-end visibility.


We believe that optimization is not static but an ongoing effort. Our solutions are adaptive; we identify and implement improvements to your network, routes, lanes, modes, and processes by studying and learning from your data and cultivating your networks.

Carrier Friendly

Our shipping optimization processes attract and retain the best carriers by creating relationships that facilitate ease and profitability. Being carrier friendly provides you with consistent capacity, elevated service levels, and the most competitive rates.

Asset Efficient

We know how to reduce costs associated with oversized trailer pools and redundant truck capacity. Optimized loading of trailers, routes, right-sized trailer pools, and continuous move opportunities enhance efficient utilization of carrier and fleet assets.

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