Full Truckload Freight

Full Truckload Freight: The AMT Advantage.

At AM Transport we contract with FMCSA compliant carriers who care about your freight. Building relationships with carriers who meet your requirement, we’re able to offer capacity you won’t find anywhere else.


We offer multimodal transportation operations and maintain relationships with providers all along the supply chain to offer you the most competitive rates in the industry.

Do you offer instant truckload freight quotes?

We’re proud of our fast, accurate truckload freight quotes because we can stand behind them. We’re so speedy you might think we’re generating instant quotes, but we’re not. Competitive truckload quotes are dependent on available truckload capacity in a specific area which is constantly changing due to seasonal demands and manufacturing patterns.


Most companies offering instant rate calculators are taking an average rate in a specific lane and padding it to protect themselves from a worst-case scenario. Even worse, they generate rates and encourage you to book shipments based on those rates only to call or email you an hour later with the news that the rate isn’t good after all.


Our customers prefer our method of assessing the current market and factoring in the right variables to offer an accurate truckload rate the first time around.

Here’s what you need for an accurate truckload quote.

Our freight experts are trained to ask questions that will illuminate your objective. It’s our job to provide fast and accurate full truckload rates, but we are determined to offer you a variety of options and to pair you with the best possible solution. If you know the carrier will need special equipment, or if there are certain constraints involved, please communicate these requirements to our team.